Finger Licking Good? Not Quite

Three girls working at a KFC (that's Kentucky Fried Chicken for those of you unaware of the company's self-censorship) in Anderson, California are in trouble with the restaurant for posting photos on MySpace of them taking baths in the KFC sink. I bring this story up because it serves as kind of a snapshot of our culture at this point. Obviously, teenage pranks have been going on for as long as we've had teenagers and certainly there are things that go on at fast food restaurants we would rather not know, but in the age of the Internet, people across the globe can see this pranks in high resolution. I'm a libertarian so it doesn't bother me any, I just find it rather interesting. It would be easy to say that our culture has gone to hell and in some respects that's indisputable, but we should remember that thanks to technology we can now see what in say the 1950s we would have been blissfully unaware.