It's Down To Rahm

So the press is abuzz with the fact that incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is ducking the press in light of the Blago scandal. At first we were hearing from the MSM that Rahm could be the hero in all of this by having tipped off Patrick Fitzgerald of the shenanigans, but his recent avoidance of the media leads to other conclusions:

Don Surber: "...if he's smart, Obama is vetting a new chief of staff."

Gateway Pundit: "This could be it for Rahmbo."

Possibly, but I'm doubtful that Rahm won't be serving his post as Chief. Am I cynical? You be your ass, but this could be the bellwether event for this scandal. If Rahm survives, chances are this goes away. If he's thrown under the bus or worse, implicated in the scandal, then it could mushroom into a big problem for the new president. Just spitballing here.