The Judgment Of The Voters

This paragraph in Richard Baehr's piece in the American Thinker got me thinking:

Perhaps the most shocking part of the wiretaps revealed so far was a sequence where Blago talked of needing to get out of the Illinois Governors' chair so as to avoid impeachment, and instead get to the US Senate, which would also serve to position him better for a 2016 Presidential run. How do you describe someone so delusional? A few words that have been tossed around the last two days are revealing-sociopath, psychopath, and dumb.
(Emphasis mine). We've heard a lot of talk on the political right about how Barack Obama lacks judgment based on the company he keeps. Now we're getting a glimpse into the governor of Illinois who is refusing to step down from his position despite damning evidence of wrongdoing. A psychopath, they say. A sociopath they say. At some point we need to get down to the heart of the matter and look at the judgement of the voters. Granted, the MSM has done a spectacular job of protecting Democrats and Barack Obama especially and creating portraits of a Messiah and other candidates that only have the best of intentions. Does the media really have just that much power to shape public perception that even a "psychopath" can be elected to high office as in the case of Governor Blagojevich? Is it really that easy? Can voters not see what they are doing or are they in denial? Many questions.