Who Needs Plaxico?

The New York Giants are turning into the New England Patriots. Last year they pulled a miraculous playoff run and beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl. During this run, their Tight End Jeremy Shockey was injured and they found out that they were better off without him and his mouth.

Now, in the year following their Super Bowl victory, the Giants are even better than they were last year. They play hard every week and have incredible depth on both sides of the ball. More importantly, they've decided to take a page form the Patriots' book and have convinced themselves that one championship isn't enough. There's been no Super Bowl letdown for the Giants. However, they have this wide receiver Plaxico Burress who seems to feel that he's got his ring, so who cares what happens now. In the shooting event over the weekend, Burress tried to find a hospital that would treat him incognito, which worked for a while with New York-Cornell, but the cat is out of the bag. Despite this, Plax seems unfazed:

But to the extent that Burress is feeling sad about his current situation, he didn't show it on Sunday night. According to the New York Daily News, Burress was "laughing" about the state of affairs on Sunday night.

"He called me laughing and grinning," Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said. "He is doing fine. He is feeling good. I called him and made a few jokes about the situation and he laughed - which is what I wanted to hear."

This should have been a distraction to the Giants, but no, they walloped the Redskins and seemed to play better without Plaxico. The lesson: he's not worth it. If the Patriots have taught us anything, it's that you can win championships with no-name players. The Giants have a chance to repeat last years magic formula: lose the loudmouth and win a Super Bowl. Do that and a dynasty awaits.