Zimbabwe Shows Why U.N. Is A Failure

It's getting so bad in Zimbabwe under dictator Robert Mugabe that prison guards are stealing food from the prisoners just so they don't starve to death. Is this situation not a text-book example of why the U.N. was set up in the first place? Weren't we determined after World War II to make sure there would be no more Hitlers? Does a dictator have to spread destruction on such a mass scale as Hitler did before the world body raises an eyebrow? Diplomacy hasn't worked and the longer we wait, the more the death-toll rises. Sure many in the West feel bad about this, but for our so-called leaders, it's more important that we "prevent war and bloodshed at all costs." I've said it once and I'll say it again, the only thing more deadly than war is "peace."

UPDATE: This Reuters story is an example of the kind of thing that just blows my mind and I imagine it would blow the minds of most well-read Americans:

GENEVA (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe is "a mad dictator" who has lost all sense of reality, a United Nations human rights expert said on Monday.

The only way Mugabe can be removed from power is for Europe to convince his "great protector South Africa" to withdraw all support for him, Jean Ziegler, an adviser to the U.N.'s Human Rights Council, told Swiss Radio.

Mugabe, Ziegler declared, "is a former hero of the liberation struggle who has lost all sense of reality.... and become a mad dictator." He added: "The horror in Zimbabwe today is absolutely intolerable."

Now here comes the interesting stuff (emphasis mine):

The comments from the Swiss sociologist, who has little sympathy for the Western countries most critical of Mugabe, reflected the despair over Zimbabwe on the rights council.

Four other U.N. rights experts said Zimbabwe could not control a cholera epidemic that has killed more than 1,100 people.

The four -- who report to the Human Rights Council on food, health, drinking water and the situation of rights defenders -- said Mugabe's "violations of civil and political rights" made it difficult to get a united response to the crisis.

But the comments from Ziegler, long associated with left-wing causes and development issues and who has good contacts among African leaders and diplomats, were seen as a sign of the wider gloom over Zimbabwe.


Ziegler, whose new book "The Hatred of the West" on attitudes in the developing world, has become a best-seller in France and other French-speaking countries, said U.N. military action to remove Mugabe was prevented by Russia and China.

Okay, so this Ziegler fellow, who has little sympathy for us Western types, now is serving as a bellwether for the "wider gloom" seen in Zimbabwe? He also points out that it doesn't matter how many people die, Russia and China won't allow U.N. military action. May I pose a question? Why do Western countries, defenders of life, liberty and all that, have to get the permission of these two authoritarian regimes to take military action? And remember a day when being "associated with left-wing causes" meant you wanted to end human suffering. Instead, in our day and age, it just means you hate America and you only get outraged with dictators when things really get gloomy.