Obama: The Man With A Plan

Rush Limbaugh, however, thinks it may be the worst plan ever:

This plan, if it happens, has been designed by Obama, is Jimmy Carter times a trillion. This is basically printing as much money as humanly possible. Because, folks, we don't have the value to back up the money that we are spending, we're not borrowing as much as we're going to spend. The ChiComs have sent out little warning notices saying, "Hey, you know, we may not continue to purchase your debt anymore," and it's a bunch of foreign nations that have been purchasing our debt, T-bills and all that. We're having to print this money, and we are unloading it. We're going to unload this printed money on favored industries and unions and populations to promote left-wing policies and entities, such as the green movement, Democrat mayors. We're going to hand out massive welfare payments to nontaxpayers, and we're going to call it a middle-class tax cut. Jimmy Carter times a trillion. If this happens, as envisioned by Obama, this is gonna go down as the biggest economic blunder in American history.