David Souter To Retire

It has been confirmed that Supreme Court Justice David Souter, the worst mistake George Bush 41 ever made, will retire at the end of the next SCOTUS term.

The good news: he's one of the most liberal statist justices on the court and he's leaving.

The bad news: Obama gets to appoint a successor.

The good news: He'll just be replacing a statist with another statist, so no ideological change on the court unless he appoint a full blown Marxist.

The bad news: With a near filibuster-proof Senate, he just might.

Regardless, good riddance to Justice Kelo.

ABC Outs CIA Waterboarders

After all the garbage I had to listen to for a couple of years about how poor old CIA desk-jockey Valerie Plame was outted by the evil Bush Administration, we now have a real example of CIA operatives being outted and put in serious danger.

A Fascist Economy? Yes We Can!

Quin Hillyer has a followup to his recent charge that Barack Obama's economic policies were akin to those of Benito Mussolini.

Never mind that in the New York Times on April 7 , David Leonhardt went farther, comparing the policies to the economics of Hitler in the course of saying that was a good thing because Hitler's economics worked. Somehow, the rather fact-based piece I wrote was seen by the media elite as out of bounds, but Leonhardt's was acceptable analysis because it was meant to praise Obama rather than bury him.
Yet Leonhardt's column is proof enough that it is not some right-wing conspiracy theory that sees fascistic leanings in the big government, corporatist approaches taken by The One in the Oval Office.



Obama Takes Shot At Tea Parties

The President is not happy with people that don't worship him, and he made it clear today.

“Those of you who are watching certain news channels on which I’m not very popular, and you see folks waving tea bags around, Obama said, “let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term, how we are going to stabilize Social Security.”

Sure, uh huh.


Jets Release Brett Favre

In a rather interesting move, the New York Jets have released quarterback Brett Favre after drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. Initially, the Jets put him on the injured-reserve/retired list, but still kept the rights to his services. Now, they've cut him loose giving him the freedom to come out of retirement (again) and play for any team that will have him. Maybe Minnesota?

The gang at PFT had a premonition.

Fox News Channel Crushes Competition

FNC beat CNN and MSNBC combined from 6am to midnight eastern time in the month of April. That is domination.

I wonder why that is?

Oh, this is why.

Was Khrushchev Right?

Rush Limbaugh ask an interesting question.

It Should Have Been Cheney

Ross Douthat nails it (for the most part) in his recent column about Dick Cheney. Yes, he's a polarizing figure with a weak heart and has successfully been made the bete noir by the Democrats and the MSM, but with hindsight being 20/20, it is clear that the GOP should have run Cheney in 2008 against Obama. Lots of Republicans don't like how vocal he has been in retirement, but he wouldn't have to be if the GOP would take care of business.

At the very least, a Cheney-Obama contest would have clarified conservatism’s present political predicament. In the wake of two straight drubbings at the polls, much of the American right has comforted itself with the idea that conservatives lost the country primarily because the Bush-era Republican Party spent too much money on social programs. And John McCain’s defeat has been taken as the vindication of this premise.
We tried running the maverick reformer, the argument goes, and look what it got us. What Americans want is real conservatism, not some crypto-liberal imitation.
“Real conservatism,” in this narrative, means a particular strain of right-wingery: a conservatism of supply-side economics and stress positions, uninterested in social policy and dismissive of libertarian qualms about the national-security state. And Dick Cheney happens to be its diamond-hard distillation. The former vice-president kept his distance from the Bush administration’s attempts at domestic reform, and he had little time for the idealistic, religiously infused side of his boss’s policy agenda. He was for tax cuts at home and pre-emptive warfare overseas; anything else he seemed to disdain as sentimentalism.

C'est la vie.

Breaking: Arlen Specter Finally Ready To State The Obvious

That he is a Democrat. More here.

MORE: It's much ado about nothing. People may panic, "Oh no, the Dems have 60 votes!" They've had them all along. Specter would have been trounced in his primary so he's playing the percentages for 2010.

Health Care Reform Exposed

Much as Mad Maxine Waters let slip the Democrats plan for energy producers during a House hearing with oil executives, Rep. Jan Schakowsky announced loud and proud the goal of health care reform: destroy private insurers and nationalize the entire industry.


Flash: Obama Has Tiff With Teleprompter

Breaking hard. Watch this space for a response from TOTUS.

UPDATE: TOTUS responds:

I cannot believe the level of incompetence I have to deal with on a daily basis. If it isn't the cold hand of my operator, it's Big Guy not moving his lips fast enough to keep up with my text.
I can say this much: there's no truth to the rumor that swine flu had anything to do with my scroll this morning.
Would it be possible to blame President Bush for this too?

The Death Of Investigative Journalism

John T. Simpson has a long, but excellent piece in Big Hollywood today on the death of investigative journalism. If you have time, RTWT.

Reid Says Obama Told Him, "I Have A Gift"

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., August 28, 1963: "I have a dream."

Barack Obama, circa 2006: "I have a gift."

Just saying...


Swine Flu Worries

Normally I don't get too worked up about flu pandemics like Sars and Bird Flu and what have you, but with someone like Janet Napilotano leading DHS at a time when there is a Swine Flu scare, I'm not exactly resting easy. All we need is for Obama to appoint Kathleen Blanco to head FEMA and we can officially panic.


Question Of The Day

Via Rich Lowry:

Has an American president ever appeared less vested in his nation’s history than Barack Obama?


Human Ingenuity At Work

Insert dried spaghetti into hot dogs, then boil.

What a country! (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Milky Way Smell Could Lead To New Libation

Not long after scientists reported that outer space smells like fried steak and welding, now we have news that the center of the Milky Way Galaxy taste like raspberries and smells of rum.

I can see it now...a steakhouse that is actually in a welding shop where you are served a porterhouse steak and raspberry-flavored rum to drink. It'll be called the Milky Way Cafe.

Sink The Pinchmark!

Kudos to Ed Driscoll for coming up with the cleverest blog post title in quite a while. The post is about a Mark Steyn piece on the fall of the New York Times. For those that don't know, it's editor is Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger. Get it now?

Anyway, Steyn makes the point that the best change of saving US newspapers would be if the New York Times collapsed.

(Geek alert) It reminds me of that original Star Trek episode where this planet of people were controlled by a computer called "Vaal." Eventually, Kirk and the gang destroyed it and the people found they had to think for themselves. The New York Times is Vaal and the other newspapers and the national news networks are Vaal's mindnumbed robots. Dan Rather probably wouldn't last very long without Vaal.


Another Myth Confirmed: I.F. Stone Was Soviet Spy

When you look back at journalism in 1930's America, it's getting more and more like a meeting of the Alger Hiss fan club. Uncovered Soviet documents now confirm what many suspected: celebrated journalist I.F. Stone was a spy for the Soviet Union. It's astounding how so many men of letters during this time period, who talked of press freedom and liberty, worked for the most tyrannical regime in history. Some things just can't be explained...or can they?

Diane "Duke" Feinstein Strikes Again

The kind of stuff that put Duke Cunningham in jail seems to just roll off of Diane Feinstein. The Washington Times reports that the California Senator introduced legislation that sent $25 billion to a government agency with ties to her husband.

Most ethical Congress evah!


Stephen Hawking Ailing

One of the greatest minds of our time may be nearing the end. Stephen Hawking has been rushed to the hospital and is reported to be very ill.

UPDATE: Made some improvement.

A Special Anniversary For Harry Reid

Two years to the day that he declared the Iraq War lost.


AP Declares: Obama The Next Gorbachev

And being it's the AP, it's meant as a compliment. Don Surber, however, breaks it down more realistically.

If You Pay People To Be Poor...

Daniel Hannan hangs out with former Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith and looks at the plight of the poor.

His big idea is very simply stated. Poverty is not simply an absence of money. Rather, it is bound up with a whole set of other circumstances: lack of qualifications, demoralisation, family break-up, substance abuse, fatherlessness. It follows that you do not end poverty by giving money to the poor: a theory that British welfarism has amply demonstrated over 60 years. Only when you tackle poverty holistically will you facilitate meaningful improvement.

Coleman v. Franken Update

I haven't said much on the Senate race in Minnesota as it has too many similarities to the painful Florida 2000 episode where Al Gore almost stole the election. I've been fairly convinced that Franken was going to win this one out despite the absentee shenanigans (including finding some by surprise in someone's car).

Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal has an excellent primer this morning on the how the race has developed and why Coleman still has a legitimate gripe with how things have been handled.


Iran Jails American Reporter

At a time when our President is going around the world apologizing for the United States and glad-handing with dictators, Iran decides to throw an American reporter in jail:

TEHRAN, IranIran convicted an American journalist of spying for the United States and sentenced her to eight years in prison, her lawyer said Saturday, complicating the Obama administration's efforts to break a 30-year-old diplomatic deadlock with Tehran.
The White House said President Barack Obama was "deeply disappointed" by the conviction, while the journalist's father told a radio station his daughter was tricked into making incriminating statements by officials who told her they would free her if she did.

It's like Khrushchev-Kennedy all over again.


This Is CNN

From our "What Media Bias?" file, we have CNN reporter Susan Roesgen going off on Tea Party protesters, forgetting that she didn't have the same problem with Leftists calling George W. Bush a fascist. I guess that's what life in third place is like.

MORE: Ed Driscoll has a complete roundup of yesterday's coverage of the Tea Parties by the MSM.


Homeland Security's "Left-Wing Extremism" Report Pales In Comparison

Ed Morrissey blows the comparison of the DHS's reports on left-wingers and right-wingers out of the water:

In other words, it does not treat all animal-rights criticisms as indications of terrorist thought. It fails to paint all opponents of free trade as potential national-security threats. Global warming activism does not get treated in this instance as federalism does in the execrable DHS report on conservatives and libertarians. In other words, in this report, the DHS actually focuses on threats, not becoming the Thought Police.
This report differs from the latest in another key way. Instead of rambling on about how organizing for political change represents a threat to the US, this report focuses on the nature of potential attacks. Their choices are interesting in and of themselves. Instead of remarking on potentially violent threats from these groups, which have used violence in anti-globalization protests around the world, torching car dealerships for environmental causes, and destroying laboratories to free research animals, DHS mainly focuses on the threat of cyber attack from these groups. In fact, that’s practically all it discusses, along with a specific list of targets that require protection, including the now-defunct Wachovia Bank.

Al Sharpton Shows Us The Way

In this age of no longer using the term "war on terror" and now calling terrorists "enemy combatants," you just knew that we wouldn't be able to call Somalian pirates "pirates" for much longer. Sure enough, Al Sharpton has shown us the way: they are "voluntary Coast Guard."

Tax Day Becomes Protest Day

Glenn Reynolds (a.k.a. Instapundit) writes an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal today on the Tea Parties going on all across the country.


Finally: Homeland Security Targeting The Real Enemy

Move over al-Qaeda, right-wing extremism is on the prowl and DHS is ready to exploit..., er, fight this grave threat to our nation.


Harry Kalas Passes

The voice of the Philadelphia Phillies and the voice of NFL promos for many years, has died. Harry Kalas apparently collapsed in the Phillies press box earlier today. No cause of death as of yet.


Obama Saves Ship Captain Single-Handed

At least that's what I gather from watching CNN.

Anywho, there may be some contrary evidence.

Free Speech Attack Machine

Brian Jennings gives the lowdown on the FCC plan for "community advisory boards" that would be set up to challenge everything broadcast on terrestial radio.


When The Going Gets Tough, Call For Pizza

So sayeth Mark Steyn.

Mistakes Were Made

Despite my libertarian/conservative leanings, I do enjoy listening to some of the shows on NPR which I lovingly call Nazi Public Radio. Despite the fact that the organization is full of neo-Marxists and feels it has every right to take tax-payer money and push just such a message, within every junkyard there is treasure.

One of the shows NPR broadcast is the Chicago based "This American Life." The show features documentaries on sometimes obscure subjects that make up Americana. Today I heard a show that was completely engaging and utterly fascinating. Called "Mistakes Were Made" the show looks at the early days of cryonics and the strange tale of Bob Nelson, who got into the practice of freezing bodies for people that wanted to be resurrected one day, when things suddenly went horribly wrong. You can listen to the broadcast here.

There are millions of stories, you just have to know where to look.


The Secrets Of Bird Flight

If I were to give a college commencement speech, I would tell the students to not read Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, etc., and instead subscribe to Popular Mechanics or some sort of science journal. That's where the real news is. That's where history is being shaped.

Case in point, this story on how scientists have learned how birds, bats and bugs are able to steady themselves after making a turn:

For millennia, people have watched the birds and bees and wondered: "How do they do that?" Thanks to high-speed film and some persistent scientists, at least one of the secrets of flight is now revealed. When birds, bats or bugs make a turn, all they have to do is start flapping their wings normally again and they straighten right out.

You may be saying, "So what?". Well, here's what:

The findings should help in the development of robotic flying machines, he said.

Robotic flying machines. Machines that have wings that flap. And who knows, maybe these machines, when they're finally developed, will be able to run on very little fuel. This is why I say, time and again, shutting off our lights for an hour and other nonsense isn't going to change the world. Men in white labcoats are going to change the world.


If The Earth Could Laugh

Now the Obama Administration is throwing around the idea of doing "climate geoengineering" in order to stop global warming. It's getting scary now.
John Holdren told The Associated Press in his first interview since being confirmed last month that the idea of geoengineering the climate is being discussed. One such extreme option includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays. Holdren said such an experimental measure would only be used as a last resort.


Barack Obama Channels Brother Theodore

I've been watching President Obama in action for almost three months now. I've seen him bungle the economy, and very recently seen him bungle every foreign policy challenge that's come his way. North Korea, Wall Street, Russia, the automotive industry...with every failure Barack Obama's reputation seems to grow. Then the lightbulb went off in my head. Obama's not channeling Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers...he's channeling Brother Theodore!

UPDATE: Welcome Ed Driscoll readers!

We The Arrogant

James Lewis over at the American Thinker has a great piece on President Obama's recent apologies to the world.

We have a rock star president who for the first time in American history fired the President of a private corporation, General Motors, then immediately flew to Europe with an entourage of 500 courtiers and a worshipful media, bowed waist-deep to the King of Saudi Arabia, and proceeded to accuse his own country of arrogance.

In France, of all places.

Does anybody else think this guy is shockingly ignorant? I wonder if he has every really talked to a concentration camp survivor, or a Cuban refugee, or a boat person from Vietnam? Or a Soviet dissident. Or a survivor or Mao's purges.

This is what happens when you get your history lessons from Saul Alinsky, Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

The Hand Of Fate?

John Bolton On North Korean Missiles

Via Blue Crab Boulevard.

Obama Makes Bush Declaration, Praised

Yes, it's another example of media bias, ho hum, but it still needs to be addressed. Today, Barack Obama made it clear that the United States is not at war with Islam, with the Associated Press making it sound as though we have been at war with Islam for 8 years. Ed Morrissey has a nice roundup of the many, many times that George W. Bush made similar statements.

A Mark Levin Review

A very nice book review of Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" from actor Orson Bean over at Big Hollywood:

Levin’s book is the equivalent of a popular college course in conservatism. Strict adherence to the Founding Fathers’ words are necessary, in his view, to be able to call oneself an genuine conservative. He has withering scorn for neo-conservatives, whom he regards as wolves in sheep’s clothing. His word for the liberal is Statist, a term he uses over and over until it begins to sound like an ugly epithet. “The state will take care of me,” is the mantra of the leftist, as Levin describes him, but as a bronco once broken discovers, there’s a heavy price to be paid.

Italy Devastated By Earthquake

A 6.3 east of Rome has left 90 dead and tens of thousands wounded. Don't try and tell me that mankind is any match for Mother Earth.


Earth Hour In North Korea

I can't believe I missed this last week. While the world was guilted into turning out the lights for an hour a week ago Saturday, nobody came through better than North Korea. The Chicago Boyz have the proof.

New York Times v. The Unions

An irony alert from Blue Crab Boulevard.

5,000 Posts!

Well, for what it's worth, this is the 5,000th post on Jim-Rose.com. Is anybody out there?

Paltrow: Shampoo May Give Kids Cancer

It amuses me when we're told by ivory tower journalists how the Internet has broken down our society and led to tons of misinformation. Granted, they have a point, though they refuse to acknowledge their own mistakes in the New York Times, New Republic, et al. And strangely, you rarely hear them criticise Hollywood for its constant misinformation campaign. The town is loaded with stars who feel guilty that they make millions of dollars to do the easiest job in the world, thus they try to show they care, but true caring involves research, something they're not willing to do. Case in point, Gwyneth Paltrow now is convinced that shampoo can give kids cancer:

Gwyneth Paltrow has been branded ‘loopy’ by scientists after warning that products such as shampoo could be linked to cancer.
The actress and wife of Coldplay singer Chris Martin says she was ‘seized with fear’ after reading research about what she calls ‘environmental toxins’ – chemicals which are present in everyday items.
Miss Paltrow, who won an Oscar for her role in Shakespeare In Love, said children were unable to easily break down toxins and claimed the number of children getting cancer and autism was growing ‘exponentially’.
Leading bacteriologist Professor Hugh Pennington described her claims as ‘rubbish’ and ‘loopy’.

Indeed, but many, many, many people follow this same line of reasoning. It's a sad state of affairs.


Lessons Learned From Ward Churchill Debacle

A great column from Vincent Carroll in the Denver Post. A taste:

At long last, I get it.

I was slow on the uptake, I admit, but have finally come around. For much of my life, you see, I labored under a great delusion. I thought public officials had a duty to speak out and rebuke someone in their ranks — or even a prominent constituent — who said something morally repellent.

If a prison warden professed indifference toward sexual abuse within his facility, or a college football coach was caught distributing racist or neo-Nazi propaganda, I assumed that elected officials should stand up and object — that they should climb upon a soapbox, if necessary, and start waving their arms.

And if a professor at a state university celebrated the mass murders of office workers and airline passengers while justifying more of the same, I thought it was obvious that elected leaders should voice their outrage, too.

Why, I even believed that those public officials were free — no, obligated — to state their belief that the warden had no business supervising prisoners, the coach had no business guiding young athletes, and the professor had no business teaching our children — and that they could say these things, moreover, without jeopardizing whatever due process those individuals were entitled to as public employees who might be determined to hold onto their jobs.

That's how ignorant I was. 


Who Does The MSM Like More?

Bill Clinton or Barack Obama? Well, thanks to the King of Saudi Arabia and the New York Times, we have a winner.

A Transatlantic Conversative Alliance

While many were excited to see Daniel Hannan's viral video, the question remains if it will be enough, combined with Tea Parties in America, to reawaken conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic. Hannan has shown himself to be a realist in this area. Recently in an interview with Joe Scarborough, he said that the Tories would absolutely win the next election in the UK but that that was not the same thing as a conservative victory, though it would be a step in the right direction.

As to this revival, Alberto Acereda at the Brussels Journal looks at the possibilities in Europe.
Undoubtedly, this is good news for American conservatives. Further, it is a blow to several European leaders who are part of the “European People´s Party” but who, unfortunately, seem to be more interested in keeping their place in politics rather than implementing true conservative values: Angela Merkel in Germany, Nicolas Sarkozy in France, Silvio Berlusconi in Italy or Mariano Rajoy in Spain. Those who want to stop the creation of the new Conservative bloc in the European Parliament are already carrying out a dishonest campaign of propaganda against these European parties, calling it a “far-right” or a “fascist” coalition of parties: the same old insults that we see in the United States against conservatives.



Left Laments Free Flow Of Information

My current man-crush, Daniel Hannan, has been surprised by the overwhelming response to his viral YouTube video that showed him giving Prime Minister Gordon Brown an epic verbal smack-down. Naturally, many of his political adversaries are annoyed by this rise in popularity using the Internet (emphasis mine):

Peter Wilby thinks I'm "a fool". According to the former editor of the New Statesman: "The online success of Daniel Hannan's speech about Gordon Brown to the European Parliament - it reached the top of YouTube's 'Most Viewed' list and has 'gone viral' - proves what we knew: the internet lacks quality control."
Yup. That's the thing about the internet: it turns the quality filters off. Until very recently, few of us could get political news direct from source. It had to be interpreted for us by a BBC man with a microphone or a newspaper's political correspondent. Now, though, people can make their own minds up. The message has been disintermediated.

Not to belabor the point, but the Fairness Doctrine, or "diversity" in media, is all about silencing views one group doesn't like. Internet videos and blogs are just today's version of pamphleteers.


Dodd Poll Numbers Down

Glenn Reynolds has links this morning on Senator Christopher Dodd's latest poll numbers showing him trailing several Republican challengers for his seat in 2010. I really, really, really hope these polls are accurate, but you'll have to forgive me if I'm cynical. In my lifetime (and a bit before that) we've seen Northeastern Democrats like Ted Kennedy get away with murder, Barney Frank get away with living in a gay brothel, Robert Bryd get away with being a former Klansman and so on. I just find it hard to believe that now, finally, after decades in the Senate, Christopher Dodd is finally going to lose his seat.

I guess I could use a little "Hope".


Obama Bores Brits, Brown Impersonates Ed McMahon

And those are the highlights from the G20. Thank G-d for the British press:
Oh Gordon, your smile! The Prime Minister, appearing alongside Barack Obama after breakfast today, stared at his American visitor and almost shattered the TV camera lenses with his moony grin.
You could have played Jewish harp with his lower lip, it was stretched so twangy tight.
Messrs Mills and Boon, when next looking for a book cover for one of their romantic novellas, when next seeking an illustration of doggy devotion, could do worse than use a photograph of the Prime Minister at the meeting.
Mr Obama uttered a sentence. Mr Brown nodded. Mr Obama paused. Mr Brown froze, frowning. Mr Obama made a very slight joke. Mr Brown gassed himself, laughing for a good 30 seconds, eyelids fluttering like the wings of a soft-flapping Cabbage White.

Bob's your uncle.

Adolph Sarkozy?

Well, while Marxists are ripping London to shreds during the G20 summit and our President is essentially bashing his own country for all the world to see, I saw this picture  of Nicolas Sarkozy in the UK Telegraph this morning and wonder if it's accidential or on purpose that it shows a nose shadow on his upper lip that looks like a Hitler mustache. Just wondering.