Banned By Little Green Footballs

Okay, I admit it, I was doing a little experiment. I was keeping track of the blog war between Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and Robert Stacy McCain (among many others). I wrote a post about how he seems to have changed since the days of exposing the journalistic malpractice of Dan Rather much the way Andrew Sullivan has moved to the Left. Yes, people change, but Johnson seemed to be become very petty and vindictive with anyone that crossed him...at least that's what I was reading. So I wrote this post with my assessment of the situation to see if it would get any notice. Robert Stacy McCain picked it up and a lot of hits followed. Then I went over to LGF, logged in and made a comment on a thread about Rush Limbaugh calling for segregated buses. Having heard the Limbaugh segment, I made the comment "uh, he was kidding." Not more than a few minutes later, the hammer came down:

And with that, my account was deleted.

His comment about promoting my blog is all the more laughable. In the Blogosphere, I'm next to nothing. Not to put myself down, but I get a couple dozen hits a day. I'm the smallest of small potatoes. To be this petty with someone like me proves pretty much everything that's been said about Johnson in the past year. There's something wrong there...something very wrong. And FYI Mr. Johnson, I believe in evolution too.

Sad, really. I just looked back and found over 30 posts I've done where I either link to or praise Little Green Footballs, but now due to some sort of mental demons that haunt the website's proprietor, this time has come to pass.

And with that, I will now "piss off" back to obscurity.