Medvedev Condemns Stalin

Using his video blog on the Kremlin website to wade into a debate that still divides Russia more than half a century after Stalin's death, Mr Medvedev said it was wrong to be an apologist for someone who had destroyed their own people and sent millions of innocents to die in the gulag or be shot.

"Even now you can hear people say that what happened to the many victims was justified by certain higher government aims," said a sombre-faced Mr Medvedev.

"[But] nothing can be placed higher than the value of human life. There can be no justification for the repressions."

It was vital to remember and mourn the millions of victims, he added.

Mr Medvedev's words will anger many older Russians who still hero-worship Stalin, arguing that he masterminded the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany and turned the country into a superpower.

Hmmm...sure it sounds good, but this is Medvedev, a Putin puppet. Putin is himself a huge fan of Stalin. So what gives? What's the motivation here? If anyone has any thoughts, please enlighten me.

Scozzafava Drops Out Of NY23

Weird. This race has just been a train-wreck from start to finish. Have so many Republicans (like Newt Gingrich) really forgotten the lessons of Barry Goldwater. Pop quiz: what was Barry Goldwater's first rallying cry when he hit the political scene in the 1950's? Answer: A choice, not an echo. Goldwater ran for the U.S. Senate as a different kind of Republican. He saw that the party was nothing but an echo of the Democrat Party: a New Deal Light, as it were. Why not give the American people a choice?

Standing on principles is hard, because it means that sometimes you're going to lose. The GOP plays not to lose, so they run a liberal in New York figuring a Conservative can't win in the very blue state. This tactic assumes that minds are static and cannot be changed. Who in the 1980's ever would have thought that someone like Rudolph Giuliani would get elected as Mayor of New York City and turn the city around on a dime? Why shouldn't a conservative run for office in New York or even Berkley, California? You have to stand for something and hold firm because someday, your day will come.

So now we have a two-man race in NY23. Hopefully Hoffman can win over the Scozzafava votes and win it. Tuesday should be interesting.


Hillary Clinton Speaks The Truth!


"We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn't move..."

She must be jet-lagged.

Story Of The Day (With Naughty Word)

Take my advice: the best way to start your day is with a good belly laugh. This puts you in a good mood and sets the standard for the rest of the day. I got one this morning and I have to thank the lawyer of NFL running back Larry Johnson. Johnson, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, was recently suspended for two weeks for using the word "faggot" when telling some reporters to leave the room. Johnson is appealing the suspension and the defense if absolutely priceless (from TMZ):

"We know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable -- but f*g? I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know now..."

Okay, obviously he's lying. What so funny is that he's playing dumb and he has to know that we know he's playing dumb, but he's hoping that he'll be able to play dumb better than Laurence Oliver in his prime and thus get the suspension repealed. Just hearing this on the radio this morning almost made me crash. A local sports jock called it the George Costanza defense:

Now, I'm a free speech absolutist, which is why I didn't use asterisks when writing the word "faggot". The only censorship on this site is on material that might lead to nasty emails from my mother. Be that as it may, Johnson needs to be suspended not for using a slur but for being perhaps the dumbest player in the league.

Lieberman Doubles Down, Will Support GOP In 2010

Granted, the candidates he supports will be RINO's, but hey, any cracks in the Democrat Party dam are good news no matter how you look at it.


Graham Nearn, Founder of Caterham Cars, Dies

Via the New York Times: (Hat tip: Johnny Sac)

In the grand scope of automotive history, Graham Nearn’s accomplishment may seem very small. The focus of his ambitions was the Lotus Seven, a niche sports car that he first sold as a Lotus dealer in 1959. The dealership was based in Caterham, England, and called Caterham Cars.

“I fell in love with the car then,” Mr. Nearn said in 1993. “I was a young man then. It was a two-seater open car that would do anything you could want a two-seater open car to do. You could go away in it for the weekend or you could race it.”

Mr. Nearn later bought the rights to the car, and Caterham Cars continued building the car, which developed a cult following among sports car enthusiasts. Mr. Nearn, now known as the man who saved the Seven, passed away last Saturday at the age of 76. The death was confirmed on the Caterham Web site.

The Lotus Seven was introduced in the late 1950s. It was a bare bones car — small, compact and extremely lightweight — that completely embodied the design philosophy of its creator, Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus Cars. Its popularity soared when the British spy series “The Prisoner” cast the Seven as the lead car for the main character, known only as Number Six.


Schwarzenegger Sends (Subliminal) Message To Legislature

HEH! (Not safe for Mom)

Grayson Goes Too Far With Softer Rhetoric

You just have to shake your head and what's become of our political culture. You have this Democrat Party Congressman from Florida, Alan Grayson who gives a speech on the House Floor where he says the Republican's health care plan is that people should "die quickly." The response from the Dems and the State-Run Media: "He's a genius! A superstar!"

So he doubles-down and compares the GOP health care plan to the Holocaust and 9/11. "My G-d, somebody erect a statue of this man, quickly!"

Then, he calls a female advisor to Ben Bernanke a "whore."



Uh, oh...oh, my G-d...wait a minute. Uh, this is, this...he's just out of line.

“There’s no call for that language. No call for it. That’s absurd. If he was standing here now, I’d say that to him,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.)

Okay, so 9/11 and Holocaust comparisons are ingenius political prose, but "whore" is just beyond the pale.

So, you gonna vote in 2010?


Atlas Shrugged In A Nutshell

Daniel Hannan puts it best: Great philosophy, terrible novel:

I may have just written the single most unpopular article of my life. In the new issue of American Conservative (subscription only), I argue that – viewed strictly as literature – Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is a calamitous failure.

Pace, all you Randians, I am one of you. As a political tract, the book was (for once the word is truly apposite) seminal. Its effect on the development of Western political thought has been vast and benign. But, as a novel, it is dreich. Its characters are wooden and interchangeable; its dialogue takes the form of improbable philosophical treatises; its plot is marred by small errors; every twist in the story, every deus ex machina, is so ploddingly flagged up as to be robbed of any dramatic impact.

And, of course, it is a thousand pages too long. Now you might argue that, in order to advance her doctrine, Rand has to leave herself plenty of space. But, having done so, she makes little use of it. Her argument is not so much developed as reiterated, over and over again, in words that barely alter. It is as though she is trying to push her thesis into us with repeated hammer blows, falling in the same place and with unvaried force.

RTWT. I pride myself on being in the select group that has read every word of Atlas Shrugged. Believe me, it was a trial and took some doing, but I did it. Rand's intransigence didn't allow her to develop stunning prose like that of a James Joyce or even George Orwell, but alas the philosophy is great, and literature is nothing if it doesn't have a sound, developed philosophy behind it.

I'm currently reading a new bio on Rand and her influence on Conservatism. I'll have more on that when I finish.



It Has Begun: Government Control Of The Internet

Ayn Rand: The Bright Side Of Dogma

There's a new biography on Ayn Rand just hitting the book shelves: Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right by Jennifer Burns which takes a look at Rand's influence within the libertarian and conservative movements. Sounds pretty interesting and Ilya Somin over at Volokh Conspiracy has a nice review that should be read in its entirety. Here's a piece:
I was never much influenced by Rand or impressed by her writings. I became a libertarian in high school primarily as a result of reading Friedman, Hayek, Nozick, and Thomas Sowell – and because being a refugee from communism prevented me from becoming a left-liberal, as would otherwise have been likely. I also read some of Rand’s books at that time. But I wasn’t impressed with her effort to defend free markets based on her theory of the “virtue of selfishness.” or her “Objectivist” philosophy. Many of her ideas seemed poorly developed or superficial. I was also turned off by her intolerance for disagreement and her lack of serious effort to engage with opposing points of view.

I still think these criticisms of Rand are largely accurate. There was, however, one important point that I underrated: Ayn Rand was the greatest popularizer of libertarian ideas of the last 100 years. Many more people have read Rand’s books than have read all the works of Friedman, Hayek, Mises, Nozick, and all the other modern libertarian thinkers combined. In becoming a libertarian without any influence from Rand, I was actually unusual. Over the last 15 years, I have met a large number of libertarian intellectuals and activists of the last two generations, including some of the most famous. More often than not, reading Rand influenced their conversion to libertarianism, even though very few fully endorse her theories or consider themselves Objectivists. Burns quotes Milton Friedman’s perceptive assessment of Rand as “an utterly intolerant and dogmatic person who did a great deal of good.” I think he was probably right.

Indeed. Rand's life almost took on an Animal Farm feel as she escaped the intolerance of communism to form her own ideology that made her incredibly intolerant. Nevertheless, libertarianism without Rand is like a burger without the bun. Interestingly, today you really have two factions of libertarianism which I call left-libertarian and right-libertarian. The Libertarian Party and publications like Reason Magazine tend to go the left-libertarian route with a strong dislike of any and all military action and covert intelligence operations, along with sprinkles of Ron Paul paranoia about the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs. Right-libertarians, of which I consider myself one, are strong defenders of capitalism, justifiable military action and personal freedom with occasional sprinkles of pro-lifers and term-limit supporters. Granted, I am biased on the issue, but libertarianism's natural partnership is with conservatives and not liberals. Ultimately, libertarianism has to stand not just on ideology but rationality, i.e. going with what works.

But hey, that's my opinion. If you don't agree, that's cool. Rand wouldn't stand for it, but I take a different approach. As long as I have some good cigars in the humidor and some aged whisky on hand, I know I'll be relatively content while I watch the world burn.

Cult Leader: My Followers Think For Themselves

George Orwell, call you office.


Penn Jillette Struggles With A Fallen Idol

Really interesting video or "vlog" from Penn Jillette concerning a recent encounter with one of his idols, Tommy Smothers. First some background. Jillette, the talker of the comedy-magic team Penn and Teller is known for being an outspoken libertarian. This has led him to have much in common with conservatives and liberals...but as you know, true believers always have a purity test, so to liberals he's a conservative, to conservatives he's a liberal and never the twain shall meet.

Tommy Smothers, along with his brother Dick, make up the comedy act, The Smothers Brothers, which had a show on CBS in the 1960s. Both are outspoken liberals who generated a lot of controversy on their show with anti-Vietnam War, anti-Nixon, anti-anyone to the right of George McGovern rhetoric.

For Jillette, Tommy Smothers, the comedian, is someone he grew up idolizing. Recently, they were on some sort of talk show together and the subject of Penn's appearance on the Glenn Beck show came up. In the video, Jillette explains how it went to hell (WARNING: Strong language):

Now, I'm generally a compassionate person, so I can't be too hard on Penn here. You can see with his dramatic pauses that he's coming to grips with the fact that his idol is an intolerant jerk. He tries to rationize it because in his heart, Tommy Smothers - his hero, who he's placed on a high pedestal - must be right. Penn knows the truth, however. You can see it in his eyes.

It exposes one of the biggest lies in pop and political culture: that liberals are tolerant and compassionate people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are vile, mean-spirited individuals who want their point of view forced on everyone around them. Anyone who disagrees them is beyond contempt. There is no "agree to disagree" for liberals, progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves. Penn knows this, but it will take him a while to come to gripes with it. When your idols let you down, it's almost like a death, and you have to go through a period of mourning before you can move on. (Hat tip: Big Hollywood)


The Last European

Daniel Hannan has a look at Czech President Václav Klaus and an interesting little bit of trivial about George Orwell:
I learned something new from a Daily Telegraph editorial the other day. Apparently, the title which George Orwell had originally wanted for Nineteen-Eighty-Four, his dystopian classic, was The Last European. These days, the leader-writer observed, the last European is Václav Klaus, the brave, prickly, stubborn president of the Czech Republic. He alone stands for European values – the rule of law, personal freedom, representative government – against a system that depreciates liberty and despises democracy. He alone has yet to sign the Lisbon Treaty.

Long-standing readers of this blog will be familiar with Hannan’s First Law of Politics: no party is ever Euro-sceptic while in office. But President Klaus is not a party. Indeed, he left the party he had founded because he felt it was insufficiently robust in its Euro-scepticism. Will he be the first ever leader to take on the system and win? Will he do what Winston Smith couldn’t?

One can hope, but I'm sure Mr. Hannan will forgive me if I'm a bit pessimistic these days.

The Racism Of The DOJ

It's one of those stories that should enrage you, but at this point you may be too numb to feel it:
KINSTON, N.C. | Voters in this small city decided overwhelmingly last year to do away with the party affiliation of candidates in local elections, but the Obama administration recently overruled the electorate and decided that equal rights for black voters cannot be achieved without the Democratic Party.

The Justice Department's ruling, which affects races for City Council and mayor, went so far as to say partisan elections are needed so that black voters can elect their "candidates of choice" - identified by the department as those who are Democrats and almost exclusively black.

Translation: The black Attorney General of the United States wants to make sure that Democrats win local elections and if there is no party affiliation named, Eric Holder (again, who is black) is convinced that black voters will not be smart enough to figure out which one is the Democrat and might vote for the other guy.



Obama's Petty War

You know, during the last decade supporters of George W. Bush were often frustrated with his refusal to take on his enemies in the media (which were many). President Bush always refused feeling that such actions were not presidential and relied on his belief that if you did the right thing, it doesn't matter what others say.

Well, it does matter what others say. If the proverbial "they" continue to say it over and over and over again without any kind of rebuttal, they are in a strong position to shape pop culture. However, Bush's stand on the issue has been strengthened by the actions of current President Barack Obama. His war against Fox News, the one and only broadcast news outlet that is not fully in his camp, is petty, vindictive and definitely not presidential. Fox News is not perfect and does do a lot of cheer-leading for Republicans, Tea Partyers and so on, but they do not deserve to be targeted by the head of the Federal Government. Obama's actions are a complete 180 from George W. Bush's. Bush needed to take a swipe at his enemies once in a while, rather than not at all, while Barack Obama needs to tone down his anti-Fox rhetoric. Granted, he has plenty of cover from the rest of his in-the-tank broadcast media, but the America people (remember them?) who don't eat, drink and breath all that goes on in the Beltway are going to see bits and pieces of this and wonder like the Brit's of old..."what's all this then?"

I could be wrong. Obama's plan could work beautifully and be a major step to forming an authoritarian dictatorship, but this is just what I'm seeing right now.


When Our Freedom Is Signed Away

Caught this on Michelle Malkin. Former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a speech in Minnesota recently talking about how a new climate change treaty will be the end of freedom. Scary stuff:

More Tweaks

Yes, more tweaking on the website. I really liked the recent design, but having just one column proved to be a little cumbersome, so with a few adjustments we have this slightly new design that is a tribute to the our favorite ditz from Maine, Olympia Snowe. Believe me, if history does call, it's not going to be asking for her.

Suicide Bombing... In Iran


Gateway Pundit Has Moved!

If you read just a few blogs a day, one of them has to be Gateway Pundit. It's the blog done by St. Louis resident Jim Hoft who has broken many stories in the Blogosphere. He leaves behind blogspot to take up residence with FirstThings.com.

New link is here.


Website Tweak

Just so you don't think you're imagining things...I widened the blog by about 100 pixels just to give me a little more breathing room. I've been able to keep my OCD in check lately, so no major changes to the design right now. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it, but that feeling will pass eventually.

The World Financial Crisis...

...as seen through the eyes of MEP Daniel Hannan (the literary quote machine). I have nothing to add...he says it all:

Mao Maoing The Flak Catcher

A big story this week was a YouTube video of the White House's "Czar for Destroying Fox News," Anita Dunn, admitting that Chairman Mao is one of her heroes.

Now her defense is that she was kidding. Watching the video, she gives no intimation of satire whatsoever. Regardless, even if she was kidding...I highly doubt anyone on the other side of the political spectrum (though the spectrum is really a circle) would get such a benefit of the doubt. Like Beck said, when it comes to body-count in the 20th century (and before and beyond) Mao is the undisputed champion. Yes, maybe he uttered a quote here and there that makes sense...they all did: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, et al, but these are not men that people in the American government should be "turning to" in times of trial.

A Cancer On Our Society

Rush Limbaugh responds to the NFL's race-baiting debacle in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. What you absolutely have to take away from this: it doesn't matter if you like or agree with Limbaugh, this practice of destroying reputations with charges of racism, charges which we then expect the accused to disprove, are about as dangerous and destructive to this country as anything out there right now.

MORE: Courtesy Johnny Dollar, a video from The O'Reilly Factor last night. It's all good, but pay particular attention to the last words uttered by Juan Williams in the clip:

Those last words by Williams put a fine point on what this is all about.


The Russian Debacle

Another brilliant piece this morning from Charles Krauthammer on the Obama Administration's incompetent foreign policy and how Russia is lapping it up.

Crazy Drudge Headlines

The Drudge Report has been around for over a decade, but I can't remember seeing the site with this many weird headlines:

Crazy times.


Race-Baiters Win, Limbaugh Dropped From Rams Bid

Dave Checketts caves to pressure from MSM and race-hustlers. I hope to G-d that Limbaugh sues these thugs back to the stone ages. He should take the money he would have used to buy the team and hire the best libel lawyers in the country and go to town.

Captain Lou Albano Dies

Caught this on (of all places) National Review Online:

STAMFORD -- "Captain" Lou Albano, who became one of the most recognized professional wrestlers of the 1980s after appearing in Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" music video, died Wednesday. He was 76.

Louis Vincent Albano is best known to fans of professional wrestling, where he was both a wrestler and manager in the 1980s.

The World Today

Not sure what I'm supposed to say on the ol' blog today. I'm inclined to channel my gloom and doom nature and just say once again it's over. Obamacare, I believe, is going to pass in one form or another. I don't care what Mitch McConnell says, something is going to go through and whatever that is will lead to the ultimate goal of socialized medicine and a nation of slaves. Ronald Reagan feared that one day we would have to talk with our children and grandchilden about the days when America was once a free nation...

...that day is here.


Charles Johnson's Conversion To Dark Side Complete

Five years ago he played a role in proving Dan Rather's documents concerning President Bush's military service were fake. Rather insisted they were "fake but accurate." Johnson and the rest of the Blogosphere looked at Rather with disgust.

Now, in this foul year of our Lord, 2009, Charles Johnson repeats fake quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh, and when challenged on it says:

"There will be no retraction. The quote is disputed, but it has not been proven false."

As Darleen Click says: IRONY!

Limbaugh Threatens Legal Action Over Racism Smears

Good! (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)

MORE: As I've had more time to think about it, it's clear to me that Rush has to get litigious and sue the people spreading these rumors. I don't care who it is, whether it be Limbaugh or any other American, it is absolutely repugnant that we live in a society where Person-A can call Person-B a racist and the burden lies with Person-B to prove that he is not. It's disgusting, and if anyone tried this kind of sh*t with me, the end result would not be pleasant viewing for the faint of heart.


Limbaugh's Rams Bid Brings Out The Crazies

It doesn't matter at this point if Rush Limbaugh is able to buy the St. Louis Rams or not (and he probably won't), the point has been proven: America is filled to the rim with race-baiters...people who have dedicated their lives to making sure blacks and whites will never live together in harmony, no matter how much they may wish so to do. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rick Sanchez of CNN...they live for the hate, it is their nourishment.

I hope people are watching.

Quote Of The Day

Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization's history.

Glenn Beck On White House War With Fox News


Rush Limbaugh Slammed On ESPN

It was bound to happen. After a report on the ownership situation of the St. Louis Rams, John Saunders of ESPN quipped, "Dave Checketts is a solid individual, I don't know what he's doing hooked up with Rush Limbaugh right now, as a matter of fact."

Highlights From Oakland Raiders - New York Giants Game

Another Promise To Go Unfulfilled

President Obama says he will be the one to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the U.S. Military.

Remember now, this is the same man that promised to close Club Gitmo. He has not done so, yet he now double-downs with the promise to end discrimination against gays in the military. Will he actually do it? His track record says no, and the sad part of it is, he'll still get accolades as though he has. When you confront an Obama supporter about Club Gitmo, they shrug their shoulders...so now Obama has done all he has to do with gays in the military: say he'll repeal it, then never repeal it, receive accolades, recycle and repeat.

No fuss, no muss.


Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The British have a wonderful term "gobsmacked" which literally means that you've been surprisingly slapped across your face, or "gob." I can think of no better word to describe my feeling when I loaded up the Drudge Report this morning. Granted, it's not that surprising that Oslo wanted to give him this, but it's the pure hubris of the Nobel Committee to do it this soon...so soon (when he has done absolutely nothing) that even the MSM is a bit non-plussed.

Too bad SNL has been probably been cowed into silence by CNN, otherwise they could expand on last week's skit with a vengence.

MORE: Quote of the day from an anonymous White House aide: "It's not April 1, is it?"


Story Of The Day: Hitler Called Chamberlain An "Arschloch"

It never ceases to amaze me how much Adolph Hitler, perhaps the worst person that ever lived, can teach us. He's like the horrible gift that keeps on giving....like that cuckoo clock I once got as a wedding gift (which turned out to be rather poignant considering I'm not married anymore).

Today we learn from the British archives that MI5 tried to use some of Hitler's saucy descriptions of Chamberlain to convince the weak Prime Minister to reconsider appeasement:

The file claimed that Hitler was “convinced that Great Britain is ‘decadent’ and lacks the will power to defend the British Empire” and added: “If the information in the [report] which has proved generally reliable in the past, is to be believed, Germany is at the beginning of a ‘Napoleonic era’ and her rulers contemplate a great extension of German power.”

At the suggestion of one officer they included samples of Hitler’s insulting references to Chamberlain which was said to have had “a considerable impression on the Prime Minister.”

Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, underlined three times in red pencil Hitler’s reported description of Chamberlain as an “arschloch” before handing it on to the Prime Minister.

Hitler was also said to have mocked Chamberlain’s trademark umbrella, according to the report, which said he was “very fond of making jokes about the ‘umbrella pacifism’ of the once so imposing British world empire.”

Professor Christopher Andrew, the author of the book, said the report, delivered in November 1938, was “unprecedented” because it represented the “first, albeit implicit, indictment of government foreign policy by a British intelligence agency.”

In the end it had no effect, and Chamberlain and Halifax still believed Nazi Germany would stand by the agreement they had made in Munich even as they occupied Prague the following March.

This is so rich and delicious, I can't finish it all. I hate to play the "Captain Obvious" card, but does anyone see, oh, I don't know, some simliarities to current world events?

And my new favorite word is now "arschloch." Expect to see it on this webpage ad nauseum.

Bill Ayers: A Confession Or A Red Herring?

Three possibilities here: 1) He wrote it and wants people to know it because that's how he is; 2) He wrote it, but knows nobody can prove it so he's having fun with Obama critics; 3) He didn't write it, but knows nobody can prove it either way, so he's having fun with Obama critics.

I don't know the answer, but it's definitely one of the three. (Hat tip: Ace)

The Daily Grind

My handful of readers may have noticed that the last three days have been nothing but music here on the ol' blog. I find myself so disgusted with the current state of politics and culture that a light case of burnout seems to have set in. Some days I'm not sure if I'm ready to keep this blog hobby going. It all seems so pointless. Then again, I don't want to pull a Brett Favre...leave, come back, leave, come back. Just gonna take it "one day at a time," minus the incest.

So for today, here's what has caught my eye:

Letterman. Ten-to-one says when his contract is up with CBS, Jon Stewart's phone starts ringing off the hook.

Red Eye. The late, late, late night show on Fox News is pulling better numbers than CNN does during dinner-time. But alas, that's our fault, not CNN's. We just don't know any better.

Speaking of Fox News. It's apparently the network's fault that President Obama keeps hiring tax-cheats, pedophiles, Marxists and the like. I should have known.

Speaking of CNN. They now feel an obligation to fact check SNL skits that put The Messiah in a bad light. To get a idea of my feelings on this, refer back to the top of this post.

News Flash! Governor Schwarzenegger has endorses Obamacare. Really, wouldn't we be more surprised if he hadn't?

The Feds next target: Bloggers!

Until next time...


Saturday Afternoon Music Break

Thievery Corporation with "All That We Perceive."

HEH! British Paper Claims Ahmadinejad Really Jewish

As they say at Hot Air, "too good to check." Could be true, or it could be something from the Mossad's bag of tricks. Either way, gave me a huge laugh when I heard it this morning and I hope the story has some serious legs and this guy is driven even further into madness.

Kind of like someone else we know who may or may not have had a similar issue...