Arizona Senate Race Gets Interesting

Well, Senator John McCain is up for re-election this year in Arizona. Naturally, he's running since the longer you're in the Senate, the more addicted to power you become (see Arlen Specter). Despite the Maverick winning the GOP nomination in 2008, he's still the number one anti-Republican Republican. For years, many of us have dreamed of him getting a conservative challenge for his seat. It may now be happening.

Former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth, who lost his seat in the 2006 debacle (and a hint of scandal), is weighing a primary challenge. So startled is McCain, he's been running anti-Hayworth ads before he's even entered the race. Now it appears Hayworth is ready to jump in, which raises a lot of interesting questions.

1) Could he beat McCain? Maybe. It'd be tough, but maybe. I'd say nobody has a snowball's chance, but Scott Brown has made me question all my political instincts.

2) If he did beat McCain in the primary, would he beat him in the general? Probably not. McCain would run as an Independent (like Joe Lieberman) and probable win as the GOP and Dems split the vote.

3) How much of a pain in the ass would Senator John McCain, (I) AZ be? A huge one! Of course, when and if the GOP takes back Congress he'll return to his old ways of screwing the GOP, no matter what his party affiliation.

Bottom line, no matter what the outcome, it's definitely worth a try to unseat McCain. He may be a strong ally at times, but when he's an enemy...