Citizens United Decision To Be Issue Of The Year

As Obamacare fades into oblivion (maybe), the next big political football is bound to be the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that overturns a ban on corporations (and, shhh! unions) from unlimited spending on political ads.

When and if the GOP makes big gains this November, you can bet the Left has an excuse all lined up...it was unregulated spending by fat-cat corporations favoring the party of the rich. Steve Simpson at PJ Media shoots this down with one pithy paragraph:

But won’t corporations be able to “buy” elections with their vast wealth? No more than they can buy market share with their advertising. If they could, we would all be driving American cars and drinking New Coke. If it were so easy to “buy” elections, Ross Perot would be president by now.

Indeed. It is literally stunning how many people don't believe in the First Amendment. What these people are arguing is that a group of individuals, whether they be a corporation or a union, should not be able to use their dollars to buy political ads because their government says so!

Of course there's a lot of money politics, and of course a big corporation like Walmart or Microsoft can spend a hell of a lot more money than I can, but if I know who is giving money to whom or who is spending money on whomever's behalf, I can make rational judgments accordingly when I hit the polls. Pretty simple stuff folks.

But, when you believe the populous is a bunch of idiots that need to be controlled, this argument isn't bound to change your mind.