Confronting The Evil Blumenthals

Back in the foul days of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, there was a Clinton thug known as Sidney Blumenthal. A former journalist who made the rest of the MSM look conservative, Blumenthal went to work for the Clinton's as a hatchet-man. He become most well-known for his lawsuit against Matt Drudge which he eventually dropped and ended up losing money on. He spawned a son, Max Blumenthal, who carries on his father's tradition.

On Blumenthal's blog he called citizen (and sometimes overzealous) journalist James O'Keefe a racist. Andrew Breitbart would have none of it. As Andrew points out, the worst thing you can call someone in this country is a racist. It is a charge that puts the burden of proof on the accused and it's a despicable tactic used by many on the political left to avoid losing a political argument. Blumenthal was at CPAC this week and was confronted by Breitbart and Larry O'Connor of the website Big Journalism.

The MSM now has implacable enemies (of which I include myself) that will not rest until their monopoly on public opinion is crushed.

MORE: Another classic example of how the MSM uses the racism charge.