Stand And Deliver No More

The man that inspired the movie Stand And Deliver has died. Michelle Malkin has more on Jaime Escalante.

Smart Power

Via Hot Air:

So far in this administration, we’ve managed to alienate the UK, Israel, and now Canada, while talking nicely towards Iran and North Korea with no results to show for it. That, apparently, is “smart power.”


John Yoo Lives For This!

Not only can the man write memos that make history, he can bring the funny in the the unhappiest place on earth...Berkeley, California.

"I think of myself as being West Berlin during the Cold War, a shining beacon of capitalism and democracy surrounded by a sea of Marxism," Yoo observes, sipping iced tea in the faculty club lounge, a wan smile registering the discomfort of colleagues walking by en route to the bar.

He sees his neighbors as the human figures of "a natural history museum of the 1960s," the Telegraph Avenue tableau of a graying, long-haired, pot-smoking counterculture stuck in the ideology's half-century-old heyday.

"It's like looking at the panoramic displays of troglodytes sitting around the campfire with their clubs. Here, it's tie-dye and marijuana. It's just like the 1960s, with the Vietnam War still to protest."

Be sure to tip your waitress.


Tea Party Express In My Backyard

I'd be remiss if I let this weekend pass without a few words about the Tea Party Express which began just down the road from me in Searchlight, Nevada.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend due to having a lot of things on my plate, but I was there in spirit. Ironically, one of the things that kept me away from the TPE was covering the Mint 400 race in the Nevada desert north of Las Vegas. The Mint 400 was made famous by Hunter S. Thompson's book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I saw it's ironic because Robert Stacy McCain (like a monster reincarnation of Horatio Alger) was at the TPE to cover the story. McCain is the modern-day, conservative version of Hunter and he has a complete roundup of the weekends events.

These are crazy times and my home, Las Vegas, always find a way to be in the middle of the latest brouhaha.

"I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive..."

This Is Why Celebrities Hate Photographers

Ashley Judd watching her Kentucky Wildcats get eliminated from March Madness. Brutal.


A Health Care Enemies List

So picture this if you will. The Democrats pass Obamacare. A few days later, AT&T, Caterpillar and a few other companies announce that the new health care legislation will cost them millions of dollars this year.

So what happens next? Congress announces they will investigate these companies for the validity of their claims and call the CEO's to testify at Congressional hearings.

Think about this for a minute. Anything about that rub you the wrong way?


Home Mortgage Insanity

The next person that tries to tell me that Barack Obama's policies are not socialist is going to get the rough side of my tongue.


Video Of The Day

Via Hot Air. Bill O'Reilly and Congressman Anthony Weiner (Socialist - NY) perform an updated version of Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First."

Really speaks for itself.


Question Of The Day

Is it over?

I put up a post today on the theory that this is the end of the American Empire. We've been saying for the longest time that once an entitlement is in place, it can't be removed. Sunday, socialized medicine was passed by the House. We can take solace in the fact that the Dems will most likely lose Congress in November, but it's hard to be optimistic.

I think what brought me down more than anything was John Cornyn saying that they won't want to repeal all of the bill. In other words, it's over. It's done and won't be undone no matter how many seats the GOP picks up in November. The professional political class...the Lindsey Grahams of the party, will make sure it's never repealed. They won't dare "take away" anything from anyone, even though the logic of that argument is totally without merit. The media will apply the pressure, the GOP will cower in fear...rinse and repeat.

And with the permanence of Obamacare, it's just a slow, steady glide down the hill toward European socialism. Oh sure, we'll still have some free speech and be able to live decent lives, but not without permission.

I'm despondent and I'm not sure my feelings aren't warranted.

End Of The American Empire

Quote Of The Day, If Not The Year

Figured I might as well post this as it'll be the talk of the town today. Michigan Congressman John Dingell, whose been in office for what seems like 100 years, shows just how he and his brethren see us. Enjoy.

Statement explaining he misspoke in 3,2,1...

UPDATE: And here it is. Word to the wise Dingellberry, if you meant insurance companies, then say insurance companies. No matter...we know what you meant whether you'll admit it or not.


Only In The Mind Of The Party, Which Is Collective And Immortal

But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

Four Minutes To Midnight

Quote of the day from Alexis de Tocqueville:

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

MORE: Victor the Contractor over at Doug Ross @ Journal has an excellent essay on what we face today.

Now, a lot of people are going to say this is a little over the top. We're acting like Hitler's SS is marching down our streets or Stalin's KGB is just outside the door. Of course, that's not the case, but we're taking steps toward enslaving ourselves to a small elite. We can argue until we're blue in the face about the degree of rhetoric coming from the Tea Party folks or talk radio or the blogs, but my response to this is, if not now, when? When will it be considered okay to say with passion that things have gone too far and we have to stop them now? Are we to be Chamberlain or Churchill?

EVEN MORE: Yes, it's one of those times when Ron Paul is exactly right. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Health Care Battle Makes For Busy Saturday

I'm starting to think we should forget the retreads and look at Paul Ryan in 2012.



Socialized Medicine Vote Sunday, CBO Score Provides Cover

Well, I think it may be in the bag folks. The CBO released a figure of $940 Billion over 10 years (though the reality that will be lost is that most of that costs are incurred in the last six years), which translated actually means it'll cost twice that. Regardless, the AP has crafted the message...it's cheap!

The GOP will do what it can to stop it, but I fear it won't be enough.

You kids out there that haven't been born yet...thanks to taking it on the chin. We owe ya one.

UPDATE: Oh, about those CBO numbers. Observe.

MORE: While there may still be some hope, I think it's over. I'm not always right with my predictions (like my ill-fated Giuliani v. Clinton in 2008 prediction) but I'm ready to call it. Obamacare will squeak by in the House.

But on the plus side, there's still a sliver of hope in the courts. Crazy times.


Mark Levin Readies Lawsuit Against Slaughter Rule

Radio talk show host Mark Levin and his Landmark Legal Foundation have a lawsuit prepared should the U.S. House of Representatives use the Slaughter Rule to "pass" Obamacare. Stay tuned for that.

If I were a gambling man I would bet that Obamacare is going to pass the House via a regular vote by one or two votes...probably this weekend in the dead of night. Given that Dennis Kucinich rolled over for a plane ride and a few so-called pro-life Dems have defected, I think we might be on our way to socialized medicine. I tend to be pessimistic, so mix that in with the rest of the ingredients in this pundit cookie batter.

It's really hard to watch this stuff going down. Stiff upper lip, I guess.


Obama Meets His Match In Health Care Debate

An absolutlely stunning (or maybe it isn't) story from Matt Lewis about an exchange between President Obama and a former health care sales rep named Ingrid Martin. Once again an average American shows she knows more about Obamacare than its namesake. Martin was seated in the front row for Obama's speech in Ohio yesterday:

"I didn't clap and I didn't smile, and I just sort of held firm to my beliefs and held my tongue so I didn't get into any trouble," she recalled. "And I think that, being in the front row, he noticed that because when he came down off the stairs and started shaking hands, when he got to me, he said, 'Thanks for coming,' and he looked at me and said, 'Are you okay?' And I said, 'Yes sir, I just don't support your bill'."

Ingrid Martin said she then entered into about a 2-minute-long debate reminiscent of Obama's meeting with another Ohioan, Joe Wurzelbacher (a.k.a. "Joe the Plumber"), telling him she worries about the long-term implications of his sweeping legislation. She told the president he was focused on insurance reform, as opposed to the rising cost of health care, which she believes to be the fundamental problem. Martin stressed her view of the need for tort reform. She also noted: "He said things like, 'Medicare is not going to be affected by this bill,' which is not right."

When Obama said that his bill addressed her concerns, "I just kind of shook my head and said, 'I don't believe it does' -- oh my gosh, I'm calling the president a liar," she added with a nervous laugh. Obama then took Martin's business card and promised to send her information on the bill. While she was not persuaded to change her mind and support Obama's policy, she was impressed with him for engaging her. "He took the time to stop and listen, which I appreciated," she said.

Seems to be a very nice, intelligent lady. Read the whole article. Very telling.


Hollywood Formula Cracked

I've said it before and I'll say it again...the best creative minds aren't in Hollywood, they're on YouTube.

White House: Israel Construction Plan An ‘Insult’

Maybe Prime Minister Netanyahu can make it up to Obama by buying him an iPod full of his speeches to the Knesset.

Oh no I didn't! Somebody remove the chain, 'cause that is off it!

The Barbara Boxer Blimp - Oh, The Humanity!

Whether Carly Fiorina wins the U.S. Senate race or even the Republican primary, she is making history. The Demon Sheep were weird enough, but now we have a new ad from the Fiorina campaign that is so scary, yet so wonderful, it defies description. Only in America.

Sunday Music

Daniel Kalder at Big Hollywood has a nice review of the latest and last album (posthumously) from Johnny Cash: American VI.


Sean Penn Embraces Inner Dictator

Actor Sean Penn, fresh off of his call for jailing anyone who calls Hugo Chavez a dictator, is now caught on camera having a reporter thrown out of an event for asking the actor about his recent statement that his critics should get rectal cancer.

It's almost as though Penn's not grasping a certain something...


"Slaughter Rule" Latest

Jon Ward over at the Daily Caller just got a few words with House Rules Committee Chair Louise Slaughter on her so-called "Slaughter Solution" which would subvert the Constitution to pass health care. Amazing stuff:

DAILY CALLER: How realistic is it that they would do that?

SLAUGHTER: Pretty good.

DAILY CALLER: Pretty good?

SLAUGHTER: I, no, I don’t know. I’m just being a smart aleck. That decision’s not been made yet.

DAILY CALLER: Who’s going to make it?

SLAUGHTER: Well, I think the Speaker and I will probably be in on that.

DAILY CALLER: Now, can I ask you a rhetorical question? If you do this, can’t your opponents still say, ‘Well they didn’t technically vote for it but they still—’

SLAUGHTER: Your opponents can say anything.

DAILY CALLER: Right, but which argument will win?

SLAUGHTER: What we’ve got to do here is the right thing.

Just wow. We're about as close to martial law as we've been in about 150 years.


House Looks To Pass Health Care Bill Without Vote

You heard me.

It's like the Congressional Democrats are in a game of "can you top this?" in the area of unconstitutionality.


What Is Happening In This Country?

So I take the day off so I could drive my Dad 150 miles north to see Area 51 and eat at the Little A'Le'Inn. I get back into town and I find out that Rahm Emanuel has been cruisin' in the Congressional showers. What the hell's going on?


Journalism Is Dead, Part 345645

A man goes on a shooting rampage near the Pentagon. He is a 9/11 Truther, despises George W. Bush and is a registered Democrat. The MSM's conclusion: he's a right-wing extremist.

I implore all of you reading this blog...stop watching, reading and listening to the MSM. Put them out of business.


Anatomy Of A Rumor

In what was easily the scariest moment of the Obama presidency, there was a rumor going around the Blogosphere today that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was going to retire. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that if Roberts did retire and Obama was able to swing the court to the left, that would be the end of our Republic.

Well, it wasn't true...so not true that:

One of our SCOTUS experts actually laughed out loud after we (sheepishly) asked, “Have you heard anything about a possible Roberts retirement?” This source noted that JGR would sooner die — literally — than give Obama the chance to appoint his successor.

And I would join Roberts in that desire. How this rumor got started and spread has been uncovered by Above The Law. (Hat tip: RS McCain) Very interesting.


Governor Chris Christie Is The Real Deal

Recently, Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin have sung the praises of newly elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I've heard about his recent actions involving the state budget and was impressed with what I read, but didn't research much further. Then today I sat down and watched a 25 minutes video of Governor Christie speaking to a group of New Jersey's mayors. He spoke without notes or teleprompter.

To put it plainly, I'm sold.

I can say without equivocation that his words are what I have been waiting to hear my entire adult life from a politician. This is what I must assume young conservatives and libertarians felt when they first heard Barry Goldwater speak in the 1950s. The video is here (Hat tip: Ace) and if you're short on time, just watch the last 10 minutes. Christie tore apart the usual political platitudes. He didn't lecture the populous on what they needed to do, he lectured the government on what it must do. And he isn't making the standard promise to "save us from the pain." Far from it. He points out that pain is on the way, but it's the only option.

Now, I'm not a genius at reading people. I've been wrong before, but everything I've seen from Governor Christie tells me this guy is destined for higher office. It's like having Ronald Reagan's brain inside William Taft's body. It's early in the game, but Christie might indeed be the one we've been waiting for.

Just A Lil' Bit O' History Repeating!

So back in 2006, the off-year Congressional elections were centered around a scandal involving Florida Republican Mark Foley who was revealed to have been propositioning male interns via email. Outed as a homosexual, he resigned his seat and the Democrats stormed to a majority. I think the Foley effect was rather overblown as far as the election outcome and really the GOP lost the majority because they became big government spenders.

Regardless, here it is 2010, the Democrats hold the majority, and as the election season gets rolling what do we have? Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) saying he won't seek reelection after allegations he sexually harassed a male staffer. Unlike Foley, he's married with two kids.

It's almost like G-d's writing staff has run out of ideas.

Boos And Cigarettes: Obama Edition

I'm a day or two late on this, but I wanted to add my two cents. Some folks have been making hay over President Obama's recent medical checkup in which his doctor advised him to keep trying to quit smoking and to practice moderation with his drinking. There's an implication that this meant he was drinking too much and needed to slow down. I think that's a stretch at Obama's expense, but it leads to a larger point.

President Obama's life is his life. He may do with it what he chooses. If he wants to smoke, drink, and eat lard for breakfast, that is his choice. I don't deny him that, nor should anyone. If his so-called "vices" got out of hand, then the burden would be on us to respond as we see fit via elections or a public redress of grievances.

I'm not a hypocrite on matters of free will and personal preferences. There's a reason I'm called the Libertarian Popinjay and not the Busybody Bluebird. Unfortunately, while the President enjoys a smoke and a drink, he aligns himself with people who would crown themselves the commissars of what we can eat, drink and smoke. That, my friends, is hypocrisy.

Yowzah! John Edwards Facing Indictment

The National Enquirer, the only paper willing to investigate John Edwards, is reporting that the former VP candidate and Senator is about to be indicted by a federal grand jury for campaign violations.

To show just how far the MSM has fallen, the National Enquirer is now the "paper of record" and in the running for a Pulitzer. I hope they win.


Hazzah! Rick Perry Wins Primary In Texas Governor's Race

Next stop White House?

Jim Bunning Takes A Stand

It's rare that you see a politician willing to take political and media abuse like what Senator Jim Bunning is taking right now...but he's doing it...and G-d bless him for it. Granted, Bunning has a reputation of being a bit of a hot-head, but damn it, that's what we need right now. He's asking the government to not spend money it doesn't have. What the hell is wrong with that?


Obamacare Countdown

It's really frightening that the Democrats have pretty much admitted they're ready to lose Congress in order to get Obamacare passed. There's nothing more dangerous than an enemy willing to risk everything to reach their goal. They know once they put people on a government program, it's almost impossible to get the program repealed. The GOP is hinting their campaign slogan for November will be "repeal the bill" but they don't want to play that up until the bill actually passes. I'm becoming more and more convinced that it will. Like I said, they don't care...they're willing to give up their seats to take us one giant step closer to total dependence on government.

Scary times.