Boos And Cigarettes: Obama Edition

I'm a day or two late on this, but I wanted to add my two cents. Some folks have been making hay over President Obama's recent medical checkup in which his doctor advised him to keep trying to quit smoking and to practice moderation with his drinking. There's an implication that this meant he was drinking too much and needed to slow down. I think that's a stretch at Obama's expense, but it leads to a larger point.

President Obama's life is his life. He may do with it what he chooses. If he wants to smoke, drink, and eat lard for breakfast, that is his choice. I don't deny him that, nor should anyone. If his so-called "vices" got out of hand, then the burden would be on us to respond as we see fit via elections or a public redress of grievances.

I'm not a hypocrite on matters of free will and personal preferences. There's a reason I'm called the Libertarian Popinjay and not the Busybody Bluebird. Unfortunately, while the President enjoys a smoke and a drink, he aligns himself with people who would crown themselves the commissars of what we can eat, drink and smoke. That, my friends, is hypocrisy.