Policy Wonk: All Southerners Are Racists

You know, I'm wondering when you folks in the South are gonna finally have enough of this crap. Yes, there's a lot to atone for in the region's past, but it has been atoned...long ago. It's not the 1880's anymore when Blacks were being lynched, or the 1960's when civil rights workers were murdered. Cultures change and the South has risen again, but in a more color-blind way.

Doesn't matter, though. To the liberals, progressives, socialists, whatever...you're all racists.

M.J. Rosenberg, a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at George Soros' Media Matters had this to say about our Southern brethren:

The whole south shifts to the Republican Party over one issue, they don’t like black people…so you have the racism thing, the fact that we’ve eradicated the separation of church and state essentially, which started I have to say when Jimmy Carter was first elected. As a Jew I noticed it — first president who talked about Jesus Christ, and that was sort of like, “whoa, presidents don’t talk about Christ!”…and now you have the modern Republican Party that has to cater to these racists and that gets me to my fundamental point, it is not that they are pro-Israel. They are anti-Muslim. They do not like Muslims. They are on the side of Israel because Israel is — they don’t like Jews that much to start out with, either — but compared to Muslims, they like Jews fine.

They’re infatuated with the Israeli army. Why? Because the Israeli army kills Muslims. I mean, this is what it’s all about….When you hear them talk to the, I don’t want to say the average American, but certainly the average American south of the Mason-Dixon line, “these Muslims” — well, someone said to me the other day, “how’s Keith Ellison doing?” Because he’s a Muslim member of congress, with all these crazy wackos wandering around, I said “how’s Keith Ellison doing?” and he said, “oh, they don’t bother with Keith Ellison, he’s just Al-Qaeda.” …

Not a lot of grey there, eh? Don't even try to defend yourself Southerners. You are racists and that's all there is to it. Media Matters has spoken.