Sandwich Shows What's Wrong With America

If you want to get a crystal clear snapshot of what's wrong with America, all you need to do is read up on the criticisms of the new Kentucky Fried Chicken (or their more cowardly name, KFC) Double Down. A sandwich consisting of two pieces of boneless chicken, bacon, cheese and special sauce. Calories off the naturally, the worst elements of our society come to the fore, like nutritionist Hillary Wright:

I don't think that people should misconstrue the fact that there's no bun to mean this this item is lower in calories. It's actually very much in the same league as a McDonald's Big Mac., holistic (shudder) health examiner Shelley Haiken:

I think this is an abomination. Our country is getting unhealthier by the minute. Rates of obesity are skyrocketing. Childhood obesity is at an all time high. Why are the fast food restaurants adding menu items that are so clearly unhealthy?

Or Brian Merchant over at a website called

It's a marketing campaign that capitalizes on our worst impulse--the impulse to say 'Screw it.' It's a good thing that this sort of viral-marketing-by-flouting-the-general-good tends to only be successful occasionally and in niches like fast food menu items--I'd hate to see the something like the Hummer revived with similar logic.

While I've never met any of these people, I'm going to piss off Tom Coburn and state unequivocally that I hate them. I hate them and their belief systems. They are an amalgam of everything wrong with this country. They are the people that killed the individual. They are the people responsible for the decline of our country.

Is my analysis over the top? No worries. There are busybodies for that too.