Utah's Bob Bennett Bounced

GOP Senator Bob Bennett of Utah has been a target of conservative grass-roots and RedState's Erick Erickson for the past few months. And it's worked. Bennett failed to win the GOP State Party caucus which nominates the Senatorial candidate.

Bennett has received a lot of grief (and rightfully so) for his vote in favor of the TARP slush fund, and while this will be pointed to as the only reason for Tea Party angst against the three-term Senator, there's really a lot more to it. In a nutshell, Bennett has been a good conservative Republican Senator for the most part, but having been in Washington for two decades, he succumbed to the disease that often inflicts so many in that evil town where it's more important to look like a team player and give in to the Democrats than be thought ill by the New York Times. He voted for TARP...he worked on an alternate bill to Obamacare with Democrat Senator Ron Wyden that offered little if any difference...in short, he went from being a conservative politician to being an establishment politician. His main pitch for a fourth-term was that he was Senator already, so vote for him!

It's high-time to get some new faces in D.C. We need Senators and Congressmen that want to change the status-quo, not maintain it. This is a good start.

MORE: Chef Erickson has cooked up a plump, meaty crow for all of his critics. Bon app├ętit!