American Weakness Set Stage For Flotilla Incident

Bottom line: President Obama's desire to weaken the United States' standing in the world is hurting Israel. Her enemies are emboldened. Michael Goodwin at the New York Post puts it best:

Weakness always begets aggression, and, like clockwork, Obama's repeated signals that he is weakening America's commitment to Israel are emboldening the Jewish state's enemies. From Syria to Iran to Lebanon, from Hezbollah to Hamas and the PLO, the wolves smell blood and are trying to gauge whether they can get close enough for the kill.

And whether the United States will stop them. That they even dare hope we won't reflects the danger of Obama's demented decisions.

The huge flotilla is the latest example of the open-season mania, with the result that Israel is under international siege -- for defending itself. And, not incidentally, for defending an embargo on Gaza that Washington supports.

This whole situation makes me so mad, it's indescribable. Fortunately, the country seems to be coming around.