Has Oliver Stone Finally Jumped The Liberal Shark?

His name has become synonymous with the world "conspiracy." This director of films like JFK, Nixon, Platoon and others has made a career of directing films about history as he sees it. In Oliver Stone's world, the only reason we don't live in a liberal utopia is because of right-wing conspiracies that persist in every facet of America life. You could almost call it Conspiratorial Calvinism.

Anywho, his latest piece of dreck, South of the Border, a love-letter to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, is apparently so over the top in its love of left-wing totalitarianism that even the Village Voice can't choke it down. (Hat tip: Big Hollywood) They can't quite go all the way, however, and qualify the review with the opening line: "So one-sided that it nearly validates what the Right says about Hollywood's liberal crusaders..."

From a paper like the Village Voice, that's as good as it gets. Has Oliver Stone finally jumped the liberal Hollywood shark?