Judgment Day Is Here

I have to tell you, the past few days have just taken me to the limit. This government in Washington, D.C. has me frightened and angry. Joe Barton may have been inarticulate and politically tone-deaf in his comments, but he was right. The White House blackmailed BP into setting up a slush fund. No matter how bad BP may have been acting, it's not an excuse for our government to engage in mob tactics. Barton will be vindicated when we see this $20-billion laundered into Democrat campaigns in 2012. Meanwhile, here in Nevada, our local media is working to destroy the candidate challenging Harry Reid for his life-time appointment to the U.S. Senate.

It's getting real hard not to just shut off the computer and ignore it all. Fortunately, I have a preacher to follow: the "Reverend" Chris Christie of New Jersey. Tell it preacher!