McChrystal Fired, Petraeus Back In Action

President Obama has fired General McChrystal and put General Petraeus back in day-to-day command of the war in Afghanistan.

Petraeus needs to just go rogue and win this war outright. He could be the next Eisenhower.

MORE: Glenn Reynolds makes a good catch with a post from Michael Yon (the Ernie Pyle of the War on Terrorism) back in April: "McChrystal is a great killer but this war is above his head."

Look, I'm no expert on battlefield planning. I only know what I read and ascertain with my fertile brain, but my take is as follows: Despite the fact that General McChrystal told some cold, hard truths about the Obama Administration, he needed to be fired. Without protocol, the military is nothing. McChrystal went outside protocol and that is unacceptable. However, now that we know some of these cold, hard truths, something must be done about them. If Obama won't get rid of Holbrooke and Eikenberry, then the GOP needs to ramp up the pressure and make it an issue. Meanwhile, General Petraeus is going to have to spearhead the effort to defeat the Taliban once and for all. Obama is going to continue to try and have it both ways, appeasing his anti-war base while at the same time trying not to be the second president (LBJ) to lose a war. However, his interest in the subject is tepid at best. This gives Petraeus the opportunity to take charge.

EVEN MORE: is backtracking on their General "Betray Us" ads from a few years back, going so far as to even erase it from their website.

They should have just done this: