Nevada Primary Talk Of The Nation

I've lived in Las Vegas for 9 years, and this is the most significant primary I've ever seen in the state.

Former Attorney General and federal judge Brian Sandoval appears to have trounced incumbent Governor Jim Gibbons for the Republican nomination. Gibbons, in my opinion, has been a decent governor, but his personal life has been nothing short of a train wreck since his first run for governor four years ago. I think ultimately Nevadans just got tired of it. Bad year for incumbents no matter how you slice it. Gibbons is the first Nevada Governor in history to lose a primary.

Meanwhile, Sharron Angle and Sue Lowden are running neck-and-neck for the GOP Senate nomination to face Harry Reid. I voted for the slightly more conservative Angle, but...and I think I speak for most Republicans in Nevada, I'll take either one. Whoever wins tonight has my full support against Harry Reid.

MORE (as of 9pm): I knew that Sandoval would win the primary, but I'm a little surprised just how badly he beat Gibbons. I knew the Governor was unpopular, but this was a full-on beat-down.

In the Senate race, Angle appears to be pulling away. We'll see in the next hour how it plays out. Reid is playing up that she's the easiest to beat because she's...wait for "extremists!"

This is wishful thinking. First off, Reid gonna say that about whoever he runs against. Lowden or Tarkanian would have been given the same label. Second, Bill Kristol points out it's a ridiculous argument to say someone who runs a campaign good enough to win a primary isn't worth a damn. But Angle will have to work for every vote. It's hardly a sure thing that Reid will be defeated.

UPDATE: Lowden concedes. Sharron Angle is the nominee. On to November.