Obama's Truman Moment

Mark this day on the calendar, folks. It's one of the few times I'm siding with President Obama. He needs to fire General Stanley McChrystal, whose conduct is unbecoming to say the least. McChrystal's take on members of the Obama Administration may be spot-on, but there are different rules for our generals. They have to be above the ugly frat boy town of Washington, D.C. and handle themselves with decorum and dignity. McChrystal's behavior is a disgrace and his disrespect for his Commander-in-Chief is unacceptable.

Mr. President, you have an opportunity to lead. Take it.

MORE: Daniel Foster over at NRO posits the theory that McChrystal is falling on the sword as a way to get word out to the people that Obama is losing Afghanistan. Intriguing, but I'll have to think about that.

EVEN MORE: After reading more on the story and other analyses, I'm starting to come over to the side of conspiracy theorists. *sigh* I really hate this era.