Why The 2000 Election Was The Most Important In History

So now we pretty much have confirmation that the loss of the presidency in 2000 drove Al Gore to madness. If the allegations by the masseuse are true, and it's looking like they are, this is a man that must have a house full of George W. Bush dartboards.

Shannon Love points out that anyone capable of this kind of neuroses over an election loss undoubtedly would have cracked all the same had he won the presidency and had to deal with the world's strife. Thus, the election of George W. Bush may have been the most important in our history.

While his liberal views obviously prevented me from voting for him in 2000, one of the things that really won me over with Bush over Gore was the fact that Gore had to have the presidency. His entire life, from his childhood on was based on eventually winning the presidency. Every single aspect of his life was a means to that end. George W. Bush, however, never had the thought of presidency until he was Governor of Texas and if he had lost in 2000, life for him would have continued with few regrets.

This is one of the major problems with our government. It's full of Al Gores, full of people that are so addicted to power that it's like a drug, and an addict will do anything for that drug. Without it...madness.