Penn State Clears Professor For Climate Hockey Stick Fraud

An absolute classic via Ace. Penn State University has completed its "investigation" of Professor Michael Mann, who came up with the "hockey stick" graph showing a sharp rise in global temperature over the last 50 or so years. The charges against Mann are essentially that his research was shoddy at best and he essentially was making it up. The inquire, quite amazingly as Ace points out, didn't try to gloss over it with fancy words, but instead stated the charges were impossible due to Mann's reputation:

Had Dr. Mann's conduct of his research been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for him to receive so many awards and recognitions, which typically involve intense scrutiny from scientists who may or may not agree with his scientific conclusions...

Clearly, Dr. Mann's reporting of his research has been successful and judged to be outstanding by his peers. This would have been impossible had his activities in reporting his work been outside of accepted practices in his field.
It reminds me of Barney Franks' sister, Ann Lewis when she was Bill Clinton's Communications Director and said she knew he didn't have an affair with Monica Lewinsky because the President had told her so.

Prepare to be crushed in football in 2011 Penn State!