Battleground Alaska

They're counting the absentee ballots in Alaska. Muckraker Robert Stacy McCain is at Miller Campaign HQ with up-to-the-minute reports. Bad craziness.

UPDATE: Rumors are circulating that Murkowski is going to concede later tonight. Stay tuned.

BIG UPDATE: Boom! Murkowski concedes. Now the question remaining is whether she'll support Joe Miller or simply sulk.

MORE: This is excellent news for the Senate. Joe Miller isn't just some schmo that decided to run for office. I've heard him on the radio and he's a very smart guy who knows his stuff. Not saying he's a shoe-in, but in Red State Alaska, he has the advantage. The GOP must be shed of its brainwashed-establishment types if it's going to make anything of its presumed gains in November.

Erick Erickson puts it plainly:

Consider another fact: Conservatives, led by Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin, are potentially creating the most conservative Senate Republican Conference in the last thirty or so years: Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Pat Toomey will be joining Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and David Vitter.

Bottom line, if the GOP takes the Senate, it'll be time for DeMint to make his move and topple McConnell from the leadership post. The stakes are too high to let this be frittered away by big-government Republicans who'd rather get good print in the New York Times than emancipate the America people from the yoke of Keynesian tyranny.

McCain On Obama's Iraq Speech

“I’m not surprised he didn’t thank Bush. That’s just not in the DNA of the individual, apparently.”

Damn! I give McCain credit, when he's right, it's usually pretty epic.


John Bolton For President? Why Not?

A nice writeup in the Daily Caller on John Bolton who they dub the "Criticizer in Chief." When asked several times if he would consider running for President in 2012, he refused to say no and merely prevaricated that he's not going to do anything "foolish."

However, he makes an interesting point about a possible run:

When pressed as to whether that means he would consider a run, Bolton seemed to suggest that he might do it, at the very least to help put national security issues at the top of the debate agenda.

And that's something we need. While the economy is understandably top of mind, we cannot forget about Iran.

Miller-Murkowski Fight Continues In Alaska

Some good news as the Libertarian Party has vetoed the idea of making Lisa Murkowski their candidate. However, as usual, the national GOP is doing it's best hurt the conservative candidate in favor of an establishment elitist. Dan Riehl is all over it.


EPA Gives Clinic On Poor Timing

With a GOP tidal wave coming in November, the Democrat-controlled EPA decides this would be a good time to raise the idea of banning lead bullets. That's a crack staff they've got over there. Keep it up, boys!

Inappropriate Chuckle Of The Day

Headline: Amateur NC ghost hunter looking for 'ghost train' hit and killed by real train.


And We're Back! What Did I Miss?

Back from a week of rest and relaxation from the world of blogging and other things. A really, really good primary Tuesday for the GOP with perhaps the biggest news being in Alaska, where Joe Miller seems to have upset Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary. She's going to try and ruin everything, but it seems to me her plans are a long-shot. Huge news. Also, the turnout in Florida was massive for Marco Rubio and Rick Scott...I think a tidal wave is coming folks.

But let's not lose site of another important issue: Iran. If nothing is done, they're going to get nukes and that means trouble. Andy McCarthy has been on fire lately and his column from the 21st deserves a thorough reading by any of you still concerned with Islamic terrorism.

More later as we get back to business.


Blog Hiatus

Hey folks, gonna take a short break from the blog as I recharge the batteries for about a week. To keep up with the news, check any of the fine blogs on the right side of this page. Stay strong.


Chutzpah Alert: Barney Frank Calls For Fannie/Freddie Elimination

The man who said just before the mortgage meltdown that there was no problem with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now says they should be abolished. And for this, the people of the Newton, Massachusetts area will elect him to a 16th term in the Congress.

What a country.


Bolton: Three Days To Strike Iran

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton says Israel has three days left to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities or it'll be too late:

Bolton claimed Israel has only three days to strike before Russia "begins the fueling process for the Bushehr reactor this Friday," after which any attack would cause radioactive fallout that could reach as far as the waters of the Persian Gulf.

I'm skeptical a strike is in the works, which means a nuclear Iran is pretty much a certainty.

BlackBerry Torch Already Flamed Out

Apple's domination of the smart-phone marketplace continues as the price of the newly released BlackBerry Torch (which is partly touch but still with a keyboard) has been cut in half from $200 to $100.

The price drops may be related to sluggish Torch sales. On Monday, The Wall Street Journal, reported that analysts were disappointed with Torch sales. The newspaper said that Stifel Nicolaus and RBC analysts calculated Torch sales in its opening weekend at 150,000 units. The number pales in comparison with the 1.7 million iPhone 4 handsets Apple sold at launch. It's also worth noting that, unlike the iPhone 4 and the Droid X at launch, the BlackBerry Torch is still widely available after its first weekend.

I'm an Apple guy, but it's always made me a little uncomfortable. I hate going with the herd, but the fact is Apple makes the best all-around product. Steve Jobs may be an arrogant, latte-drinking, post-hippie, but for emancipating us from having to buy $20 CD's just to get one or two good songs alone he should be sainted by the Pope.

Now the troubling part for Apple. They're the new Microsoft, meaning the government will probably be coming after them soon. When you make the best product and the marketplace rewards you as such, look for the Justice Department to start snooping around. As Ronald Reagan said, there are certain people that think when they see a fat guy standing next to a skinny guy, the fat guy must have taken food from the skinny guy. And many of these people reside in the Justice Department.

Buzzkill: Senator Levin Hit With Pie...For U.S. War Policy

Nothing kills my buzz more than hearing that one of our overlords got hit with a pie and then finding out it was for a stupid reason. Why can't these guys get humiliated for something they deserve, like bankrupting the country?


What The Hell? Gun Owners Of America Aligned With Free Press?

RedState has a writeup on how Gun Owners of America is a member of the Board of Directors the Save The Internet coalition which is run by the Marxist media reform group Free Press.

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. The GOA has a little explaining to do.

Gun Owners of America. This blogger isn’t going to cut them any slack here. After all, when you hitch your cart to a Marxist, what does that make you? Probably most of the organizations on this list are benign and could say I wasn’t aware, however, my high school physics teacher didn’t cut me any slack when I left out a crucial portion of my study on Wave Motion. And this was before the internet came into existence.

Tom DeLay Cleared In Abramoff Scandal

The great Ed Morrissey points out the lesson that must be learned from all of this:

Nonetheless, the travails of DeLay and the GOP in 2006 should serve as a “stark” lesson for Republicans in the midterms. DeLay authored the notorious “K Street Project” that attempted to build a permanent Republican majority by marrying the party to lobbyists. That resulted in an explosion of pork and a curious predilection with so-called “big government conservatism” that exploded spending after George W. Bush took office. That marriage of the federal government and special interests discredited the GOP as an alternative to Democrats, which combined with the scandal led to their downfall in 2006 and 2008.

No more K Street Projects, and no more big-government conservatism. The next Republican majority had better focus on actual reductions in federal government and the end of pork-barrel spending to woo lobbyists.

Indeed. The Republican Revolution of 1994 was destroyed not by the Democrats or the media, but by the Republicans' own greed. Absolute power corrupts....you know the rest.


Obama's Mosque Comments Shocking For Different Reason

Maybe shocking isn't the right word, but I'm winging it here. What's "shocking" about his recent comments is how politically incompetent the man truly is. Yes, he ran a great campaign in 2008, though he had the most sympathetic media perhaps in the history of presidential campaigns, but we'll give him some credit. What we've learned in the past year-and-a-half is there's a huge difference between campaigning and governing. Obama has shown he can't govern and he is politically tone-deaf when not in campaign mode. If you looks at Obama's comments, they can't be argued with. Of course, the Muslims have a right to open mosques all over the country, but that's not the issue. The question at hand is the appropriateness of opening this particular mosque at this particular location. It's obvious the plan is meant to rub 9/11 in America's face. Obama could take a stand or he could simply avoid taking a stand, instead he tries to make himself out to be a First Amendment hero and put words in the mouths of the Founding Fathers, thus making everything worse.


James Caan Rules!

I always suspected James Caan was a cool dude...now it's confirmed.

“I’m an ultra conservative,” he said at Moet & Chandon’s 6th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival Opening Night Celebration in Los Angeles.

“I’m not a G** damn Hollywood liberal, I’m not,” he said, adding he only watches Fox News.

Caan, who was at the event promoting his involvement with the online platform Openfilm.com, also added that he doesn’t think Hollywood actors need to comment on every single political issue. When Pop Tarts questioned him on California courts deeming Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage, “unconstitutional,” he preferred to keep his lips sealed.

“I don’t want to comment on that. I’ll let those other geniuses do that – all those actors who like to find a stage to push their agendas,” he said. “They don’t have political science degrees… I certainly don’t. I’ll leave it to Sean Penn or Barbara Streisand to comment on that.”


Robert Gibbs Steps In It

Classic stuff. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs makes the mistake of criticizing the political left for their complaints that President Obama isn't doing enough for their cause...he backtracks and calls his words "inartful." Then, a left-wing Congressman says Gibbs should resign for his comments and then says that was a misquote by the Huffington Post. Meanwhile, Gibbs was out today with a "cold."

How about everyone resigns and we start fresh?

Marco Rubio Responds To Harry Reid


American Idol Star Attempts Suicide

Normally I wouldn't blog about stuff like this, but my pop culture instincts have kicked in. I strongly suspect this might just be the incident that causes a firestorm over the effects reality TV has on its lab-rats participants.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino has been hospitalized in the Charlotte-area after police sources confirm that she attempted to commit suicide.


Sources tell WBTV that a production crew for Barrino's VH1 reality show "Fantasia For Real" was at Barrino's home on the day she overdosed.

Report: Ted Stevens Dies In Plane Crash

It appears the Alaskan wilderness has claimed the life of another politician. Reports are now coming out that former Senator Ted Stevens has died in a plane crash near Dillingham, Alaska.

Rest in peace.


Presidential Imposters And The People Who Hate Them

Drudge linked to an interesting article today on how throughout our history many presidents have been considered "illegitimate" for one reason or another...usually hatred. This story is in response to the birther movement, but it's a fascinating read nonetheless. Didn't know Martin Van Buren wore a corset, but knowing that now, I'll never be the same again.


Your Government At Work

Via Gateway Pundit, the Department of Justice is fighting against college textbooks becoming available on Kindle Readers saying it would discriminate against the blind.


Gay Marriage Revisited

The other day I opined on the recent decision on California's Prop 8 and mentioned my concerns on what cases like this are doing to the 14th Amendment and the Constitution as a whole. A good friend of mine asked if I thought the case Loving v. Virginia was wrong due to it using 14th Amendment rational. This case was about interracial marriage which was the Court deemed legal. It's a fair question and worthy of further comment.

Naturally, I have no problem with interracial marriage (and if Beyonce will have me...), but there is an important similarity between interracial marriage and gay marriage. One is now with us, the other in an inevitability.

When gay marriage starting become a hot issue about 6 or 7 years ago and writers like Andrew Sullivan became obsessed with the issue, my first thought was "Don't overreach guys, go slow." Bottom line, cultures don't change at the stroke of a pen or the bang of a gavel. Interracial marriage became acceptable over time and gay marriage will as well. You have to fight the good fight, change minds and eventually your day will come. The Constitution has nothing to do with marriage or sex, and while some would say that it's worth bending the document to right a wrong, I say it's a method that will eventually make the Constitution meaningless and the American people slaves to their government.


Obamacare For The Internet

Net Neutrality is coming, one way or another. Anthony Kang at the American Thinker has a good writeup on where the issue stands today.

The 9% Rulers

So the big talk today is about a Rasmussen poll asking people if there should be limits on what the federal government can do. Eighty-six percent said yes, 9% said no and 5% said "I need lives! I need lives for the Master!"

Anywho, assuming these numbers are accurate (and I think the 9% is probably higher), it would seem that this country is currently being run by these 9%.

Chew on that for a while.


California Prop 8 Overturned

This gay marriage issue is a tough one for me. In a nutshell, I really don't care. That is to say, it's just not an issue I can get real interested in or worked up about. I have gay friends, and frankly, if the law allowed them to marry, I'd be happy to serve as best man...and if not, life would go on.

At least that's my view. My biggest problem with this issue is that it hinges on how others see you. If someone says he is upset because the government or his fellow countrymen won't recognize he and his partner as a married couple, my immediate reaction is "Why do you care what other people think? Does your love have to be justified by other people?" Of course, there's also the issue of money. Marriage comes with benefits...tax breaks and the like. If it's about money, then it's a different issue than if it's about social acceptance. So which is it?

If someone said, "Jim Rose, we don't recognize your marriage to that stripper because we find you morally offensive" my reaction would be, "That's your problem." But I suppose if the federal government said no Nevadans can marry, I would be a little annoyed. That wouldn't happen however, because the issue of marriage involves gender and is tied in with religion. Marriage is both a legal contract and a spiritual enjoining, so there's no simple way to define it.

I'm all over the place on this, but you can see why it's a dilemma for me. If I had to make a ruling I would say make civil-unions among same-sex couple legal (state by state) and keep same-sex marriage illegal, but if that were made legal, I'd lose no sleep.

To me, the bigger issue in all this is the perversion of the Constitution. I don't claim to be a constitutional scholar, but I find it hard to believe that marriage, sex, what have you, is a 14th Amendment issue or an issue in any part of the document. It has nothing to do with it. And it's creating a slippery slope. That, my friends, gets me worked up.

UPDATE: William Duncan at NRO adds this nugget: (emphasis mine)

It is worth noting that, since California gives all the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples through another legal status, the idea that most or even many voters were acting out of hatred is pretty unlikely.
So money and benefits, at least in California, are not an issue. So what this comes down to is being able to use the world "marriage" and being recognized as being "married." Sorry, but that's not gonna win me over.

Missouri Steps Up To Reclaim American Dream

Saw this map of the county breakdown of last night's vote in Missouri on Proposition C which exempts Missouri from the insurance mandate in the new health care law, i.e. Obamacare. It was a landslide, but as you'll see, it looks like one of those Bush-Gore maps from 2000. Rural areas v. cities. Only St. Louis and Kansas City had a majority vote against the proposition. It begs re-asking the question, why are city dwellers more liberal than rural folk?

UPDATE: Our good friend Johnny Sac supplies the answer. In the cities you have more people who live off the government's teet. The rural folks: self-reliant.

Christopher Hitchens Speaks Of Cancer And Other Things

The Mighty Hitch has come forth with a writeup in Vanity Fair on his recent battle with cancer. As you might expect, Hitchens starts by dissecting the very phrase "battle with cancer" in his usual erudite way. He also shares his experience with the greatest health care system in the world and gives us a look at his thinning hair.


Acting In One Lesson, By Robert Duvall

Via Big Hollywood:

“What was your motivation for your wood chopping scenes?”

“Well, Mr. Strasberg, my motivation was to chop the damn wood!”


Mitch Miller Dies At 99

If you're over 50, chances are at least once in your life you "sang along with Mitch."

Pete Stark Removes The Veil

Give Pete Stark credit, he doesn't give a sh*t. The government can do whatever it wants, he tells his constituents, and he's finally reached the point where their disgust amuses him. The look on the man's face near the end of the clips says more than his words.


Howard Zinn's Legacy Revealed

With the recent death of Marxist scholar Howard Zinn, his FBI file has been released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). As was suspected, Zinn was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party of the USA. You may be saying, 'so what?' Well, number one, he always denied it. And number two, he was a member not during the 1920s and 30s when you could make the excuse you were an idealist...he was a member long after the jig was up. Thus, he knew exactly what he was getting into and any talk over his career about wanting democracy and freedom was a routine lie. To think millions of school children were forced to read A People's History of the United States.

Anywho, Robert Stacy McCain has done yeoman's work going through the file. Here's a taste:

What is important to note here is that Zinn evidently joined the Kremlin-controlled CPUSA not during the “Popular Front” era of the 1930s — when many idealists were seduced — but after the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in which Stalin cruelly and cynically sacrificed Poland to the Nazis. Zinn was a card-carrying Commie who advocated Marxism-Leninism after the Red Army’s ”Iron Curtain” occupation of Eastern Europe, after the treachery of the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss had been revealed, and even during the height of Stalin’s anti-Semitic “Doctors’ Plot” purge!


Some of the “So what?” reaction — “Zinn was a commie? Big surprise.” — is kind of annoying. Not everyone is grasping the significance of Zinn actually joining the CPUSA circa 1946-53, when the Soviet Union was in the grip of Stalin’s paranoia and America was awakening to the nuclear terror of the dawning Cold War.

If you have the time, RTWT.