Obama's Mosque Comments Shocking For Different Reason

Maybe shocking isn't the right word, but I'm winging it here. What's "shocking" about his recent comments is how politically incompetent the man truly is. Yes, he ran a great campaign in 2008, though he had the most sympathetic media perhaps in the history of presidential campaigns, but we'll give him some credit. What we've learned in the past year-and-a-half is there's a huge difference between campaigning and governing. Obama has shown he can't govern and he is politically tone-deaf when not in campaign mode. If you looks at Obama's comments, they can't be argued with. Of course, the Muslims have a right to open mosques all over the country, but that's not the issue. The question at hand is the appropriateness of opening this particular mosque at this particular location. It's obvious the plan is meant to rub 9/11 in America's face. Obama could take a stand or he could simply avoid taking a stand, instead he tries to make himself out to be a First Amendment hero and put words in the mouths of the Founding Fathers, thus making everything worse.