Castle Gets Calls From Obama And Biden

Just weird. A Republican running in a primary for the U.S. Senate gets phones calls from the President and Vice President within 24 hours after losing the primary. While this Delaware situation has been a dumpster fire for the GOP and the Right-Blogosphere, the weird thing to me is how many people are so concerned for Mike Castle. I honestly hadn't heard his name much until the last few months. A northeastern liberal Republican serving as Delaware's only Congressman, he wasn't a guy that often made the rounds on cable news or the Sunday shows. Biden moves to the Vice Presidency and he sees his chance for the seat. Suddenly, you've got Karl Rove going to the wall for him, lot's of bloggers pleading he is the GOP's only shot for a Senate seat in Delaware and now phone calls from the Democrat White House.

Why is this guy so popular with the Washington elites? The Oliver Stone in me wonders if he inherited J. Edgar Hoover's old files or if he's the head of the Free Masons.