Delaware Race Tears Right Blogosphere Apart

There's a race for the open Senate seat in Delaware vacated by Vice President Joe Biden. The GOP thinks they might be able to pick up the seat in the very blue-state, however, that has led to something of a dust-up within the ranks.

Longtime Delaware Congressman Mike Castle is running for the seat. He is a very liberal Republican. He has a challenger in political novice Christine O'Donnell who is more conservative and has earned the endorsement of Mark Levin.

The disagreement over whether to stick to principles and back O'Donnell or be pragmatic and back Castle has led to a split on the popular conservative blogs, with the likes of Ace of Spades saying the smart move is to back Castle, while Dan Riehl would (tentatively) back O'Donnell.

The argument has many variables. O'Donnell has made some strange moves, admitting she uses campaign fund to pay her rent, doing poorly in radio interviews and considering a third-party run if she loses the primary. Delaware is a very blue state and Castle seems the best chance for a Republican to win a Senate seat there, however, we had similar views about Massachusetts when Scott Brown was running. While he's not a solid conservative, he's hardly a RINO. Castle, however, is RINO through and through.

I admit, I've gone back and forth on this one and I'm still not entirely sure what the smart play is. One one hand, Castle would be more trouble than he's worth, but on the other hand, if he ends up the 51st Republican in the Senate, he may be worth the headaches.

The commenters at Hot Air have been burning up the keyboards on this issue tonight. Fortunately, this will all be over on September 14th when Delaware has its primary.