Fullblown Insanity: Stephen Colbert To Testify Before Congress

It's like the Washington establishment wants the lashing they're going to get in November.

A Daily Caller exclusive:

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert is slated to testify at a congressional hearing Friday on immigration titled “Protecting America’s Harvest,” two sources have told The Daily Caller.

One Republican source said Colbert will be testifying “in character,” the Bill O’Reilly-like muse Colbert uses for his show.

A Judiciary Committee spokeswoman, confirming Colbert would testify, said the hearing matter was a “serious issue . . . this is not a TV stunt.”

Some Republicans have already expressed unhappiness with Colbert witnessing at the hearing, thinking it would make light of a serious issue.

This simply has to be a joke or at the very least something that will be canceled very soon. I simply cannot wait for November 2nd.