A Pre-Worn Society

Allow me to wax philosophical for a moment. Went and got my mail today and in it was a catalog from Musician's Friend, from which I've bought some musical equipment from time to time. I leafed through and saw advertised a Fender '70s Jazz Bass...not one made in the '70s but one built in a 1970's design. However, the paint job on the guitar is done to make it look like it's been around since the '70s and had 3-to-4 decades of wear and tear touring with Rush (Geddy Lee, baby!). It reminds me of the blue-jeans the kids today like to buy that look like they've been worn by the Devil since the days before Vatican II. (Did that joke work?)

In other words, in this culture we seem to like have stuff that looks worn, but we can't be bothered to actually wear stuff down. We want things pre-worn, we want that look of experience, but we don't want to live the experience, we just want to appear somewhere near the end and say "look at me."

Perhaps I'm getting old before my time (I'm 37), but it's something I've been noticing lately. Strangely, the same people that wear these pre-worn jeans or play these pre-worn instruments will spend thousands of dollars to make sure their faces don't look worn at all.

And, that's it.