An Open Rant To My Fellow Nevadans

Sadly, many Nevadans (and the local media) still live with a mob mentality thinking we can't survive without a crook in Washington to protect us from other crooks in Washington. Thus, the media protects Harry Reid even though it's obvious that 1)his main concern is power for his political party; and (let's face it) 2)that he's not mentally up to the job anymore. You want to ask Angle tough questions, fine, but how about Jon Ralston or the TV stations asking Reid about his land deal or the problems with Obamacare and (shudder) interrupting him every few seconds when he evades the questions or lapses into political spin? Huh? Can we try that? Yeah, didn't think so.

This state needs to modernize its thinking or we're just gonna be Vermont with brothels.