Wow: "Rally To Maintain Idiocy" Features Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

You know, the guy who supported the fatwa on Salman Rushdie. Speaks volumes.

MORE: Big props to Allahpundit for finding this video (a video Yusuf Islam has tried to suppress):

EVEN MORE: Captain Ed's take:

What I find amazing about this is that two stars from Comedy Central would share the stage with a man who supported the idea of murdering an artist for his remarks on Islam. The producers of South Park got death threats from radical Muslims for attempting to depict an image of Muhammed in one of their recent episodes, and the executive management of Viacom forced them to censor the show in fear of Muslim reaction. Now, two of Viacom’s most recognizable television stars have linked themselves to a man who publicly endorsed that exact kind of threat — as a way to “restore sanity.”