Beck's Showdown With Soros

One of the George Soros minions went to Fox News to explain that "Glenn Beck is hurting Mr. Soros and his business."

Things have gone downhill from there.

Beck is basically doing a George Soros week with three shows dedicated to billionaire who openly advocates one-world government and bringing the United States toward that goal.

It's funny. All my life I've listened to liberals, progressives (you pick the label) tell us how America is basically run by big business and that we're just inches away from some sort of capitalist dictatorship. The whole premise of the Net Neutrality movement is that if the government (apparently an entity free of any corruptible influence) doesn't take over broadband, James Bond-like villains will take over all means of communication. Really, are these cartoonish bad-guys of cinema a reality or just fanciful thinking by the politically paranoid?

Sure, if you've got billions of dollars, you can wield a lot of power, and certainly in our history the Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothchilds, et al have had their share of influence, perhaps at the sufferance of democracy from time to time, yet the great American experiment has managed to survive for 234 years. Yet, with Soros in the role of the proverbial Goldfinger, there's an awful lot of evidence to back up such a comparison.

Overblown? Like Beck says, I think everyone should research it and give it serious thought, then act accordingly. More to come.