Jane Russell Dies

Health Update

This flu bug has been a worthy foe. While I'm recovered and back to work I'm still rather lethargic and logey. Also getting ready for a move to a new house, so what energy I have has been focused on that. More later.


Working On A Comeback

Hi folks. Sorry for the long radio silence on the website and Twitter. The Popinjay has been extremely ill for the past week and only now starting to get some energy back. Also getting ready for a big move to the other side of Las Vegas in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Not A Happy Clappy Time For MSNBC

Behold! Five minutes of pure awesomeness in video form. Via The Blaze, today on Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski got taken to school, to put it mildly, by Harvard Professor and Newsweek columnist Niall Ferguson over the goings-on in Egypt:

The only question I have is how much longer will this guy be allowed to work at Newsweek, much less Harvard. These kinds of opinions aren't look on too kindly by those respective institutions.

BTW, isn't the look on Mika's face priceless?


National Un-Intelligence

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper created a firestorm today when he said the Muslim Brotherhood is a mostly secular group. Now I understand that in foreign policy red-herrings are a useful weapon but I for the life of me can't see any kind of benefit to a statement like this. El Rushbo went off on Clapper and the administration in this clip via Right Scoop.


Reagan At 100

Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator seems to have written the best piece on 40th President as he turns 100 years old. Also, a great picture of Reagan with the Duke.