Obama And Libya

I've been really out of the political loop lately what with moving to a new house and an increased work-load at my day job, so I'm not as attuned to the Libya situation as most bloggers out there. However, I did listen to President Obama's speech on the radio tonight and had these reactions:

1) I wish what he said were true. By that I mean I wish he believed everything he was saying, that America can't allow such carnage and won't allow it to stand. This however raises the question why Libya? I'm not saying we shouldn't be there. Maybe we should, but why Libya over Syria and Iran where atrocities are a daily occurrence?

2) I want President Obama to be strong on defense, but he seemed bound and determined to point out how this was an international effort while at the same time telling us Qaddafi's aggression can't be tolerated. In other words this was a speech geared toward 2012; the speech tried to appeal to the right and the left. That's okay, they all do that, but I'd like to know what his endgame is. Actually I do know: 2012.

Regardless, all of this is making us take our eye off the ball, i.e. Iran. If any of the GOP candidates in 2012 want to be taken seriously, Iran has to be a constant talking point.


Anthony Weiner Fills Alan Grayson Void

As if we really needed that void filled. New York City Congressman Anthony Weiner is making a name for himself as the most contemptible member of Congress, which is saying something. Rude to everyone, dismissive of any opposing views and he has a complete loathing of the Red State middle class. He fought tooth and nail to keep the public option in Obamacare and now...he wants NYC to get a waiver.

Oh, and he may run for Mayor of New York.

New York is a great city, but they give us some of the most despicable politicians you can find. Sad, really.

Here's my question: can individuals get Obamacare waivers?


Quote Of The Day

From Victor Davis Hanson (via Ed Driscoll):

"I suppose when my plumber starts lecturing me about the secular nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, I should assume he did not find the leak under the house."



James O'Keefe is a hero. His Project Veritas is doing the job that no mainstream media outlet has done in decades. He gets results. Sometimes he goes overboard, but in these times, we need a little overzealousness to defeat the forces of statism. This recent dust-up with NPR tells you everything you need to know about the MSM.

Jim Treacher over at Daily Caller caught this little nugget from Ron Schiller's apology.

“While the meeting I participated in turned out to be a ruse, I made statements during the course of the meeting that are counter to NPR’s values and also not reflective of my own beliefs."

That's brilliant. I'm gonna start using that line when I get in trouble for speaking my mind. Because after all, I'm always making statements that I don't believe.

Meanwhile, the CEO of NPR has resigned and their in full meltdown. Look, there are some things I enjoy on NPR, but those programs should rise and fall based on listenership, not subsidization.