How The Race Hustlers Are Destroying America

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Julian Bond, et al...they're winning. They're winning the political race war that they have waged on this country for 40 years. The true civil rights dream died with MLK. After that, the dream was turned into a nightmare by charlatans looking for glory and revenge.

Strong words, I know, but listen to this audio clip from the David Webb Show where he talks with Iowa Congressman Steven King (R) about the USDA's Pigford Fraud and a vote in the House to stop the funding. It's 3:39 in length. Listen to the whole thing and pay attention to the last words uttered by King about a conversation with a fellow Congressman. This needs to be heard by every American.

And there you have it. Being called a racist has become a bigger fear than death and public speaking combined. And the charge is almost becoming meaningless now. Those black folks in the South that were hung from trees, shot and sprayed with fire hoses...those were the victims of racism. To compare that to not wanting to participate in fraud???

I don't know if there's any hope.