The Rich Elitist Posterboy That Is Tom Friedman

The thing you have to remember about any journalist, celebrity or politician that breaches "saving the planet," is that they're not talking about themselves, they're talking about everyone else.

Just recently U2's Bono was being picketed for moving his record company out of Ireland to avoid the country's heavy taxes. This is the man that calls on everyone, everywhere in the world to give more, to help the third-world by forgiving their debt, and to take care of the needy with more government services. Someone has to pay for it...he wants us to do it.

Then take New York Times columnist Tom Friedman (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit) who when he's not salivating over the totalitarian model that the Chinese have made "work" so well is telling us we need to have less material goods and concentrate on more non-material "happiness." In other words, our consumer-driven growth economy is a problem and it needs to stop. However, this is how Tom Friedman helps his planet:

If Friedman is ready to sell his estate and move into a one-bedroom apartment...I'm ready to listen. Until then...