Obama And The PoMo Dream

Brilliant doesn't come close to describing this latest piece from James Lewis at the American Thinker.

The United States of America is now governed by a postmodern "construct."  The Nazis and Soviets invented the nonperson, a living human being who just went poof! one day and disappeared, even from official Pravda photos of vodka-sozzled Party thugs waving to the masses marching by Lenin's tomb.  Sometimes the desaparecidos were big Soviet apparatchiks.  When Stalin was going strong, he disappeared whole cohorts of the Red Army officer corps and millions of Ukrainian peasants.  Needless to say, the New York Times and the UK Guardian helped those folks to disappear by forgetting to write about them.

Obama did that trick in reverse. Instead of vanishing without a trace he just popped into existence, without a hint there was a living person there before, with parents, friends, college chums.