Rick Perry Makes Media Love Bush (so to speak)

This was predicted by blogger smarter than I, but who could have predicted it being so laughable. Now that Rick Perry has announced his candidacy for President, the media is showing "laser-like focus" on the Texas Governor and, as many predicted, comparing him to George W. Bush in a way that makes Bush seem liberal by comparison. After 8 years of calling Bush everything in the book, they now say he wasn't so bad. But this little passage is just too much:

Perry thinks of W as a country club Republican, a politician too willing to work out deals. Bush doesn't think of Perry much at all. The people who want Jesus as a screensaver on every computer in public schools, call women who have had abortions "baby killers," think that being a homosexual is a "lifestyle choice," and are convinced that humans once saddled up and rode west on dinosaurs; these people all made Bush uncomfortable. But Perry loves them. He shares many of their beliefs. They helped elect him governor.

Yeah, I remember all the talk about how religiously moderate Bush was during his presidency. Nope, never heard a single pundit call Bush extreme once.

I shouldn't let this stuff surprise me, but it still does.