SHOCK: Shocking Mubarak Trial Shocks Egyptians (Shock!)

While the future of Egypt looks pretty bleak with the Muslim Brotherhood thugs looming (despite denials), there has to be some much needed glee (what's the Arabic word for "schadenfreude"?) being felt by the Egyptian people seeing Hose-me Mubarak in a actual cage!

The reaction of the Egyptian people has been one of "shock." The word is so prevalent that this CBC story reads almost like an Onion piece:

I'm reading this article and I'm like, "For the love of Allah...what kind of shock? Good shocking? Bad shocking?" They finally got around to telling us near the end of the article that it's mostly good-shocking.

Regardless, I hoping that hypochondria is also a crime in Egypt in which case Mubarak would get the death penalty (one where he imagines he died).