Is The Electorate Coming My Way?

Before Rick Perry announced his run for the presidency, I posted a blog entry supporting him for President. My reasons were pretty simple: he's got a good record of executive leadership and he's not an apologetic conservative like George W. Bush or worse yet, John McCain. Now, readers of this blog know I'm not into the G-d stuff, but I don't see it as terribly relevant. Ronald Reagan was anti-abortion, but somehow abortion is still legal, i.e. we're electing a president not a dictator. We're not going to become a theocracy just because our president is a devout Christian.

Since Perry has begun his campaign he's appeared in two debates and he's been less than stellar. He has the right stand on the issues and he knows the answers to the debate questions, but he hasn't been expressing himself very well. Rush Limbaugh aptly pointed out that he seems to get either fatigued or bored (or both) as the debates go along, with his best stuff at the beginning and he then tails off. Yet, despite these anemic performances, he's still surging in the polls. Why?

Two theories: 1) Not enough people are paying attention just yet and are still responding to their preconceived notions of the candidates. 2) The electorate is suffering from a cult-of-personality fatigue in that Barack Obama has been so much style over substance with sweeping oratory and grand speeches with little results that the electorate is to the point where it doesn't care of Rick Perry can put two words together as long as he gets the boot off the economy's throat.

I'm firmly planted in the camp of the latter theory and I'm starting to think a lot of people are coming my way, though the former is probably still the lion's share of why Perry continues to stand atop the polls. Either way, it's good news for Perry. Now he just needs to get a good debate coach to hone his skills.

Sig Rogich, please pick up the white courtesy phone.