Morgan Freeman Hates You

I don't begrudge Hollywood stars having their own political views or expressing them. It's their right as Americans (try that in your beloved Cuba geniuses!), but you have to wonder about the rationality of a person whose livelihood depends on the movie-going public telling the movie-going public that he hates 50% of them.

Morgan Freeman is a liberal. No surprise, I assumed it. It's cool. It never bothered me. I enjoyed Shawshank Redemption as did millions of others. Freeman's role in that film is one for the ages, parodied in pop culture to the point that even if you haven't seen the film, you at least know the gist. Yet, Freeman seems to believe that while millions of people enjoy his work in countless films (and the "Electric Company"), they also kinda wish he would hang from a tree.

Puzzling, to say the least. There are countless theories on why Hollywood celebrities think the way they do. One strong theory is that it all comes down to guilt. You make millions of dollars pretending to be someone else on camera, you live the high-life, so you feel you must become a warrior for the downtrodden, the environment, anyone that seems to be in opposition to America, etc. Another theory is that when you live in a pretend world, you lose all sense of reality. Or maybe to be a good actor, you just need to be a elitist jerk.

Whatever the case, it's gonna be hard for me to take Freeman seriously in his future endeavors. It's one thing to know that the actors you watch on screen don't agree with you politically, it's quite another to know that they hate your guts.