Richard Nixon: Funniest Man That Ever Lived

A great catch by Eugene Volokh of one of the Nixon tapes. Our 37th President may have been the funniest man that ever lived.

From the Nixon Tapes, as quoted by Kevin J. McMahon, Nixon’s Court (2011):
Nixon: Incidentally, what is Rehnquist? I suppose he’s a damn Protestant?
Attorney General John Mitchell: I’m sure of that. He’s just as WASPish as WASPish can be.
Nixon: Yeah, well, that’s too damn bad. Tell him to change his religion.
Mitchell: All right, I’ll get him baptized this afternoon.
Nixon: Well, get him baptized and castrated, no, they don’t do that, I mean they circumcise — no, that’s the Jews. Well anyway, whatever he is, get him changed.