Building The Perfect Candidate

Michelle Malkin has officially endorsed Rick Santorum for President. I, however, cannot. He's just too out there on the social conservative side for my taste. He also has some iffy stands economically as sadly all the candidates do except for Ron Paul. Then you have Ron Paul's foreign policy. Yeesh!

As Michelle points out:

I have no illusions about Rick Santorum. I wish he were as rock-solid on core economic issues as Ron Paul.

And I wish Ron Paul was not the far-out, Alex Jones-panderer on foreign policy, defense, and national security that he is.

If Ron Paul talked more like his son, Rand Paul, about the need for common-sense profiling of jihadists at our State Department consular offices overseas and if he talked more about the need for strengthened visa screening and airport security scrutiny of international flight manifests, I might have more than a kernel of confidence that he would take post-9/11 precautions to guard against jihadi threats and protect us from our enemies foreign and domestic. But he doesn’t, so I can’t support Ron Paul.

Agreed. Ron Paul makes my heart ache. If he just understood that Islamic jihadists are a threat he'd be my perfect candidate. And while I don't expect a perfect candidate, Paul's imperfections are too large to ignore. If he actually became president and stuck to his foreign policy positions, the Joint Chiefs might be forced to carry out a military coup. I'm not joking.

We've reached the point where we have to forget about perfection or the Republican version of a "Messiah" like the Dems have with Obama. Mitt or Newt will do in a pinch. Flip the Senate and then regroup. It's out best option right now. The time for crying about it is over.