Economic Recession Is Over!

Normally I don't like to soil my blog with images of Stalinists, but I'm making an exception today due to the great news. Did you hear? America is back. We're in great shape.

All this yakkity-yak about high unemployment and crushing debt, the housing market woes? Food stamps? Meh! President Obama and Senator Schumer have assured us that the state of the Union is strong. Hell, it's so good we don't even need a budget. In fact, maybe after 2012 we won't have to "pass" a budget through Congress ever again. You get me? Huh? You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. But rest assured, government loves you.

Seriously though, many will say that things actually are better and getting better. After all, unemployment is down to around 8.5%. That's progress right? Wrong. What Obama and Schumer are doing is creating a new normal. Thousands leave the employment market and so things look a little better. Gas may go down a few dozen cents and so things look a little better. Before you know it, as the economic conditions ebb and flow, you forget what things were like in 2006.

Barack Obama is not delusional, he knows exactly what he's doing, and when he retires either next year or in 2017, he'll raise his glass to the destruction and the fact that America has been taken down a notch. That's always been the goal. America, in his mind, is immoral and a mistake. It can't be destroyed but it can be weakened.

This is a big reason I'm not as animated as most folks about the choice between Romney and Gingrich. Either one would solve 50% of the problem we have now by simply taking the oath of office. The concerns people have with both candidates are nothing compared to the consequences of not having either man in office come 2013. Bain Capital; individual mandates; affairs...any other election year these issues would be huge or at least worth considering, but right now they mean nothing. Romney and Gingrich are both on the right side of the only issue that matters in this election: love of country.