How Do You Solve A Problem Like Newt?

Well, the revelations on Newt Gingrich from his second ex-wife/first ex-mistress aren't exactly earth-shattering in my mind. It's always amusing to hear the complaints of Mistress #1 about Mistress #2 and so on. Bill Clinton has to be laughing himself silly right now.

I think most Republican voters were fairly familiar with Newt's marriages and the chicanery therein, but who knows, this might piss off a devout Christian or two. It's not a big deal to me as my first priority is that the new president removes the boot from our throats. ABO folks, AB-freakin'-O!

I guess at this point it wouldn't hurt to restate my prime directive for this election. Whoever gets the nomination is not going to be perfect. There were no great candidates this year with Rubio, Ryan, West and others sitting it out. (Perry was the closest we had to a Great Conservative Hope until we found out he was the second-coming of Jack Kemp, debate-wise.) Flipping the Senate has to be just as high a priority as flipping Obama. The new president will want to roll with the we (Tea Party, economic libertarians, strong defense-types) need to be the tide.

Until then, keep grabbing at those moonbeams.