Let's Fact It, Mitt Romney Is Doing Everything Right

Well it's 2012, and there's going to be some changes around here. That is, changes until I get bored with them. We're just now entering an election year yet after 2011 I feel like we just had one. (My head is killing me right now, and I didn't even drink on NYE...must be politics to blame.) So to start off this year with a bang I make the bold pronouncement that Mitt Romney is doing everything right.

The Right Blogosphere, of which I consider myself a part, has unfortunately fallen into the trap of believing that they hold the conventional wisdom.  I've read countless examples of people saying "Mitt Romney is never going to beat Obama with this kind of campaign."  "He's not a true conservative, he's another Bob Dole." Yeah, maybe. But this ain't 1996 and Bill Clinton was no Barack Obama.

What got me on this tangent was an article this morning from the Daily Caller:

DES MOINES, IowaMitt Romney is running for president as a Republican, but his recent media strategy includes granting exclusive interviews to news outlets that cater to a liberal audience.
Romney last week granted one-on-one interviews in Iowa to both MSNBC and the Huffington Post, among the best-known sources of news for liberals in the country. In recent weeks, he also gave interviews to The Washington Post, The New York Times and Politico.

It’s a peculiar strategy for someone who has had trouble convincing conservatives throughout this race he’s one of them.

No, not really. Romney has been running a national campaign since January 20th, 2009 and he hasn't wavered from that. He's stood by his past liberal stances often performing ideological gymnastics that even an East German judge would rate a 10. Through it all, he's still on top of the polls. Conservatives have waited for a great white (or black) hope to arrive, but alas you know the story: Perry couldn't debate; Cain doesn't know foreign policy from a meat-lover's special; Newt is, well, Newt; and so on. Romney bet that he could survive once the inevitable Donner Party amongst the conservatives had paid the check, and so far so good for Mitt.

Historians says that the ancestors of Zogby, Gallup and Rasmussen went among the Colonists in the mid 1770s and asked them where they stood on the War of Independence. One-third were fer it, one-third were agin it and the final one-third said "what are you selling again?"

The more things change, the more they stay the same. (There's the first cliche of the year. Huzzah!)

This degree of thirds, as it were, is still with us today. Us folk on the right that blog about politics, follow it on Twitter and consume every bit of information we can make up probably one-third of the one-third that's currently in favor of the "War of Independence from Obama." Others in our group are following politics, but also football, Boardwalk Empire, and the kids' soccer games. They're not ready for the Full Monty and they won't be until about August. By then, acceptance speeches will have been finely crafted. Romney knows this. He also knows that the top candidate in the race this year has the initials ABO, and among this candidate's supporters are more than a few independents and liberals (i.e. Hillary hanger-ons) who would be rather content to have a moderate Republican in the White House on a temporary basis. (Don't be surprised of Andrew Cuomo pulls the Romney lever in November). 
Look, if Rick Perry is still in the race when they get to Nevada, he's got my vote, but I'm realistic. Rick Santorum will make some noise in Iowa and have his moment in the sun, then the MSM will begin to hammer him for his radical abortion views and less than stellar resume. They'll go to New Hampshire, Romney will win, then on to South Carolina where we usually get the full story. Nicky Haley may just have given away the ending with her endorsement of Mitt, but if it's not enough, the conservative that wins that primary will be the one to make it interesting until Super Tuesday when it'll be over and more than likely Mitt Romney will be the nominee with a super-conservative running-mate waiting in the wings. 

The main criticism of Romney is actually the reason I'm not worried about him as President. He's a political opportunists, so if the conservatives want to win some political battles, give the opportunists plenty of opportunities. In other words, if the GOP can take the Senate and set the agenda, Romney will follow. I really think the Tea Party needs to concentrate more this year on sending Jim DeMint reinforcements so that no matter who has the White House, we still have an army.

Ten more months of this crap.