The Umbrella Man Divides The Kennedy Cult

I love watching radical leftists fight among themselves. There are few things more satisfying, more chicken-soupy for my naturalist soul than seeing flames shoot out the windows of the compound where JFK conspiracy theorists, race hustlers, blame America-firsters and the rest of the radical chic share lodging and worship at the alter of Oswald was a pasty, the CIA started the crack epidemic, and Dick Cheney is a space lizard.

Recently, documentary filmmaker Errol Morris made a short film for the New York Times on the fabled "Umbrella Man" who can be seen in the Zapruder Film and other photographs of the JFK assassination. On a clear, sunny day in Dallas, this man was standing on the sidewalk with an open umbrella above his head. He was standing directly to the right of JFK when the shots rang out. That's just too good even for an "Oswald acted alone" guy like me. Can't make this stuff up!The video is not embeddable but can be seen here. (Go ahead, I'll wait. It's only 6 minutes.)

Errol Morris who is a gifted filmmaker is also very, very liberal. He's made films for and other Democrat Party causes. However, in this short film the message, though somewhat subtle, is that while the Umbrella Man aspect of the assassination is certainly juicy, it's more than likely much ado about nothing. Well, that's not sitting too well with his roommates at the compound. Shock and outrage is being unloaded on Morris and the Times here.

I find this stuff fascinating. Specifically the belief of many on the Left that their perfect world, their utopia if you will, would be with us right now if JFK had not been assassinated. Thus the "right-wingers" who also know this to be true had JFK killed to stop utopia and create a corporate totalitarian society, or something. The JFK assassination was a turning point in the political discourse of the United States and it's a bit surprising that almost 50 years after the event it's still a key litmus test with the radical left. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad