JFK's Teen Lover Gives Up The Goods

So one of JFK's mistresses has broken her silence with a new book. Once Upon a Secret is written by Mimi Alford, an intern in the press office during the Kennedy presidency. JFK took her virginity and used her as his play-thing whenever Jackie was away.

The main tidbits of note:

-JFK told her during the Cuban Missile Crisis: “I’d rather my children red than dead.” That's interesting considering Kennedy was something of a cold-warrior but when faced with the possible death of millions I suppose that's a thought that would enter anyone's brain (no, that's not an assassination joke). Still, it's something for historians to chew on.

-JFK had her "relax" some of his friends including Dave Powers, but she wisely passed up the chance to "relax" Ted Kennedy. If I were her, I'd consider this the best decision I ever made.

-At one point, Mimi thought she was pregnant and the Kennedy team was working on setting up an abortion which at the time was illegal. The social conservatives will no doubt want to bat this one around.

Ultimately, it's just not what it used to be. It's 2012 and finding out about more JFK affairs is like finding out how Julius Caesar took his coffee. We're pretty much past the point of caring.